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Prasad Kve on 11 July 2012
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Pon Vidyashram non refund of paid school fees

Please be informed that we have paid rs.90,920/- Towards the admission fees for my kids (I.E. Admitting daughter in 3rd standard and my son in 1st standard) on dec 2010 for the academic year 012. Due to unavoidable personal circumstances I am unable admit my kids into that school. When I am asking for the refund of the full amount they are keep on dragging and not refunding my paid school fee. Kindly advise/Help to proceed further.

Y Goerge

Hi I do have the same problem now. They are saying that there will be no refund. Did you get the refund on your case?

Suvendu Rath

Hi George

I am on same boat they don't want to refund fees. There is a way to complaint to CBSE. Can you please write me back on email to take this forward.

my email id: suvendurath@yahoo.com