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Rajesh Kumar Sharma on 09 July 2012
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Fraud in the name of LIC and irda

Dear sir, I received a number of phone call from mr. Rishab shukla 044, 630, 083, 165, 665, 823) saying that he is speaking from irda and he is information head in irda. Govt. Has launched a scholarship scheme for children undergoing higher study and having a insurance policy. So you take a policy on your daughter name and irda will award a scholarship of rs. 000. After regular contact from him I send all the paper and a cheque no. 4248 dt. 3.12 of rs. 0.00 from sbi bhagirathipuram tehri on the address suggested by rishab shukla (mr. Rajesh jain C/O LIC of india , D-998 frist floor, palam extn, sec 7, dwarka new delhi mail ID- businesspartnerlic@gmail.Com, @rediffmail.Com tel- 06). The same had bounced by bank due to some technical problem. Again rishab contacted me and told me that your cheque is bounced by bank now you can not take policy from the same branch so you sand again documents to another branch ie (mr akash jain C/O LIC of india a-82 sec-57 noida 01). I send a dmand draft no. 5271 dt 4.12 of rs. 0.00 issued from my bank account sbi b.Puram tehri, I super scripted the my name and my daughter name of the reverse of DD, the same is credited in the LIC of india account on 4.12 which I confirmed from my bank. But till to date no policy bond/Receipt received. I dont know where to complain. All the person from irda/LIC not answering my call. Please help, thanking you,


Pl contact cyber crime police team in your state they are reluctant to help on phone or mail u go to their office give a written complaint and then only they will help you...but its your need so u need to go.....dont waste any minut do it.