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Srinu on 09 July 2012
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Barclays bank plc cheating people with such lottery claims

With our discussion with the reserve bank of india (r.B.I ) , we are very happy to inform you that ,the reserve bank of india (r.B.I ) have agreed to transfer your money into your private account as soon as your bank draft is deposited in their bank. Our senior representative of barclay's bank , mr. John sunderland will be coming to your country, india to transfer your winning amount , .00. Great british pounds into your given account details . He is our senior diplomat and have been working with the bank for so many years. He will contact you on your mobile phone as soon as he arrived in your country from the office of the reserve bank of india for the immediate transfer of your money and you have to make sure you reconfirm your account details to him immediately when he will call you from r.B.I office. You are advice to follow all his instruction to avoid any mistake in the transfer of your money. Take proper care of him because , this is his first time of coming to india . He is coming with all the original scan copies of your document that was attached in this mail which was arranged in a parcel that contains your two certificate. This is making 19yrs of experience in working with the bank and he has been successful in any transfer that he made . He will guide and inform you all the process and make sure your winning prize is transfer into your given account details be for coming back to uk . Get us inform as soon as he arrived even when he finish the transaction with you . Congratulation once again ! take note : departure date : tuesday 10th of july 2012 arrival date : wednesday 11th of july of 2012 attachment of your certificate. 1. Your yahoo certificate. 2. Your insurance certificate 3. Your bank draft of .00. Gbp 4. Diplomatic passport of mr. John sunderland for your easy recognition when he will come to our city after your transfer is completed from rbi office. Note : send us your photo ID proof . He will use it to identify you when he will come to your residence to deliver your yahoo certificate and insurance certificate to you after the transfer. Keep this transaction confidential until your winning amount is transferred into your account to avoid unwanted claims. Thanks, mr. Robert e. Diamond jr. (The chief executive of barclays bank plc uk)

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