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Ankur Gupta on 27 June 2012
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Vodafone worst 3g network in rajasthan

I am having a voda no in rajasthan 90). Recently I have subscribed for 3g services in my town bikaner but thy have pathetic services even the normal services have crumbled after the activation . As it shares it network with airtel many a times atleast 3 times in a day get out of coverage then I have to switch my mobile and switch it on. It also doesnt have speed. Else many times it shows only 2g network. Never take vodafone 3g in rajasthan. I complained customer care but they have no answer

Vodafone India

Hello ankur

kindly share a suitable time for us to get in touch with you to address your concern.


vodafone customer care

Ankur Gupta

U can call any time on 9667650758


Cont. Me9783833888