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Bhargavi on 23 June 2012
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Lost money in Timesjobs.com

I was unaware of the services of the times job,so I sent inquiry,and within a minute I got a call from times job.I explained my need to CC executive.I said that I just need calls from employers.He suggested me to go for combo product that includes resume writing service and job seeking service as there will be 10% discount.So I trusted him and had done online payment through my sbi-maestro debit card.I paid rs 3195+taxes(I don't know how much).After a minute I again got a call from times job executive asking to avail job seeking service.At that moment I came to know that I was cheated by the first agent.The second agent threatened me by saying rudely "do you want this product or not".The manager was also of no help.Then I contacted @timesjob.Com by email with details of product,product ID,product code,money,mode of payment.I also called CC executive to raise complaint and cancel the service.He said that he have lodged the complaint but refused to give the complaint no. Or reference ID.Now I have been waiting for there call or email.But uptill now I got none.Here are some important details:-- date of purchase:-23/6/2012 time of purchase:-around 11 am product name:-success combo india(entry level) order no.:-Cs1010400 sub order no.--1>rz754014> rz754014-1600 rs--order under process mode of payment:-online, sbi maestro debit card action I want:--cancellation of order and punish both the CC executive for deceiving customer. I have lost my peace of mind and money.Pls help me out soon.

Jimmy Repheal

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