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Abhijit Sarkar on 17 May 2011
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Spice m9000 popkorn projector phone complain

I have purchased one spice mobie m9000 projector phone from home shop18. I received the product on 14th may 2011 but the next day my mobile projector is not working. I am totally dissatisfied with the product.The overall quality of the product is also not good.I request home shop18 to give me back my money as they promised to give back the money within 15 days to the customers but instead they give some complain no and give me a call back and said sorry cannot be returned.I want my hard earned money back please do the needful immediately. Thanks with regards abhijit sarkar guwahati assam


I purchased two mobiles from home shope 18 with worst experience.

One I purchased M 9000 and delivery was without bill and when one more mobile was ordered we requested to send bills along with but to our utter surprise even the next phone was without bill. With repeated requests and repeated phone calls we were sent bills after even long months wait. M 9000 sent to us has following problems :

1. No net works with any of two sim

2. No proper voice

3. Head phone voice is very poorer that cant be heard even what to talk of listening.

4. No word file open up (no system font found)

5. No pdf file opens.

6. Very many videos donot open up.

7. Tv does not work

besides there r so many pblms.

Bringing back the hand set to service centre it was kept for more than ten days but it still has same problems.

Spice or home shop must either exchange set or refund all money