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Ayeshs on 30 April 2011
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Misbehavior of nurses & negligence shown by dr. Manjunath shetty

Had a very bad time , had taken my uncle to get him admitted to the hospital , they gave him a a very filthy old ward , n then on requesting several authorities in the hospital they shifted him to a different ward , the nurses were behaving very arrogantly , the patient is left lying on the bed for a long time , only they administered him a IV . Didn’t give him any drug , neither the nurses think it is important to inform his doctor about admission , he was admitted to the hospital on the 28 april evening . The nurse even refused to give a blanket , in fact she asked if I haven’t brought it from house , and finally when I questioned her whether you are gonna provide or not . Then she provided the patient a blanket . And next day morning even when the doctor visited the hospital dr. Manjunath shetty he wasn’t informed by the nurses about visiting the patient . Then I tried calling various hospitals in mysore , I got the information as dr manjunath shetty will be available at jss hospital , I meet him at jss hospital & he told I can’t administer him any medicine , he suggested why don’t you take him to bangalore (st johns hospital, manipal hospital) coz we don’t have any facilities . And then I got back to csi hospital . Without even taking our opinion , dr. Manjunath shetty phoned to csi hospital( dr. Sangeetha )duty doctor and nurse , he informed them to immediately discharge the patient . The patient and his family is uneducated , and the hospital took the patients thumb impression and his family’s signature , they removed the IV which was been administrated to the patient , they didn’t even let the IV to get over . How I wish I was there present at the time of discharge , I would had pulled those people in front of the consumer forum for their misbehavior and negligence shown in taking care of the patient .I went to the hospital with a hope that some days at least I can give a little comfort to my uncle. But thanks to the csi holdsworth memorial hospital mysore, they shattered all our hopes . I shed blood from my tears when they discharged my uncle from the hospital after taking his thumb impression forcefully , this is how a lay man will be treated in our country , in other countries people give importance even to animals life , but in our country the doctors & nurses will kill the patient even before administrating any drug , I don't how many years more india will take to change . We admitted him to the hospital on the 28th evening of april 2011 around b/W 6pm to 7pm by paying rupees 00/- For a general ward , & in return the hospital doctors & nurses shattered all our hope.Dr. Manjunath shetty didn't attended him on the 29th of april 2011 when questioned he answered he didn't have the information that there is a new patient admitted . Please bring the change , teach them a lesson , let them know what is the importance of one's life ? it is not money , if we lose it today we can make it tomorrow but once we lose a life if any one get a life back ? people please wake up , raise your complaints against such arrogant nurses and doctors , if you have experienced any . Please take action against them, they don’t fit to work in such hospitals & organisations. Please help me to bring such things happening to an end . Every life on this earth is precious , there is no rich no poor , pain is pain whether it is poor man's pain or a rich man's pain .

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