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Sandeep Raul on 16 May 2011
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Make my trip made my holiday a nightmare

I booked holidays through makemytrip for himachal, delhi, agra and haridwar. I told them the places I want to visit, their representative miss janaki shah promised that we will be staying in all three star hotels. I was told the pakage would cost 00/- Rupees for 12 nights and the name of the hotels were also mentioned in the offer. They asked me to book air tickets first so that they can make hotel bookings accordingly. Which I DID on the same day as the offer was sent to me. Since I was outstation I told them that the payment would be made once I reach mumbai. After two days I reached mumbai and asked them about their account details, there was no option for depositing cheque and since I DID not want to do online transaction I chose the option to deposit cash ointo their account. When they send me the bank details I found they had revised my quote by about 00/- Rupees and even the hotel were different than what were mentioned in the earlier offer. When I cponfronted them they claime that since you delayed the transaction by couple of days we can not gety bookings in the hotels promised earlier and also the cost has gone up. Now I has already purchased air tickets worth 00/- And cancellation would have meant loss of 00/- Rupees and more over the family was already looking forward to the holidays I decided to deposit the money hoping that it would be still a good holiday even though it is costing more than anticipated. The real horror started when we reached shimla. The hotel was about 15 kilometres away from shimla and it was fit enough to be a lodge and nowhere close to 3 star hotel. However we thought per haps the remaining hotels would be better. We came to manali and the hotel there was reasonable but when we landed at dharamshala the hotel was unbeliveably shabby and not fit for staying my family refused to stay in the alloted rooms. I called up miss shah and had heated arguments with her. Finally the hotel manager upgraded our rooms. The hotel in delhi was not a hotel at all it was just a guesthouse in gurgaon. Hotel in agra was perhaps the worst of the lot. I have forwarded the photographs to miss janaki and I was told someone will get in touch with me but it has been 15 days since we came back and so far no one has contacted me. I can send you the pictures and the copies of e mail corrosspondace to you if you can give me an e mail I.D. Hope to get some justice in this matter. People go on holidays to unwind from the daily hustle bustle of life and to destress and spend some quality time togather, but this holiday gave me more stress than ever.

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