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Rajesh Kumar Gaur on 14 June 2012
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Against systematic knowledge service pvt ltd. Associate of vodafone

I had applied for mnp in from mtnl. The request was posted on your website. Representative of systematic knowledge service pvt ltd. Contacted me over phone and visited my office for collection of relevent document on 2012 and charge recpt. No 780. I was informed that the new sim of vodafone will be activated with 5 days. On 12th I received a sms that my request is turned down by mtnl due to outstanding bill. The bill was generated on 10th may 2012 for which I was not aware. I paid it on the very next day 2012 and tried to contact systematic knowledge service pvt ltd. On 8034 mentiooned on bill whihc is not responding. I made a call to vodafone helpline they suggested to visit nearest store.I visited vodafone store fort mumbai for resolution of the issue token no. 41 dt 012. They expressed their unability as the process intiated through dsa. They gave a land line no. 300. This no is also not working. I want vodafone to immediatly resolve the issue and take necassary action against dsa to provide proper contact details.

Vodafone India

Hello rajesh

kindly help us with your contact number at https:/Www.Vodafone.In/Existingusers/Hns/Pages/H2h.Aspx?h2hid=uzubj0oq5b2sxzt1 so that we can address your concern.


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