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Vivek Jain on 13 June 2012
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Manufacturing fault in Skoda Rapid

I bought new skoda rapid form C&t motors meerut in feb-2012, due to some manufacturing fault while driving the car a light appear in the meter box due to which the pickup of the car breaks down, about 4-5 times a took my car to skoda service center for repairing but my car is not repaired till the time dut to this fault my car met with an accident due to break down of pickup while crossing the truck now till the time local dealer is helpless for the fault now I want my car replaced by the company do some needful and help eagerly waiting for the correspondence

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This is the best ca...I'M using it from jan...

I have touched 150km/Hr. Mileage and pick up both are good.

The best car in this category.

Love it....

Dr Vikas

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Please join skoda india consumers page on facebook we are also having many problems with rapid through moti nagar dealership and are planning to sue them in court. Please join hands with us!

Dr Sabin

My rapid has same problem service guy says problem with tyres which is crap as many cars seem to have the same issue

Vivek Jain

Same problem is not been rectified by the company till the time I want to sell this ghatiya car if anybody wants this panauti (scoda rapid) I will b highly oblized

Vivek Jain

For me this is the worst car (scoda rapid) this company is making fool indians