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Mahesh D Puranik on 13 June 2012
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Allindianetgroup.Com fraud website never join

I have get sms like: earn 4000 to 0000 online job at home. After that I call them, they say you require to deposit 799 rs for welcome kit. I deposit and get a kit. After that they told choose any of job. I choose sms sending and survey job. I have deposit 5500 rupees in their account. After that I complete and submit my job and told him to release my salary. But after joining of 7 months I never get my salary. Salary amount is 0000 rupee. Please give my salary. And never join these company.

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बनवारी केवट

मैने अखवार मेँ एक दिन Allindianetgroup का एड देखा और इसको काँल किया।मुझ से 900 रुपये पहले लिये गये कुछ दिन वाद मेरे पास एक welcome kit पोस्ट की गई जिसमेँ compny कि कुछ कितावेँ थी जिसमेँ sms sending ad posting data entry etc जाँव की जानकारी थी। मैने कंपनी मेँ दोवारा call किया और उनसे sms sending जाँव लेने के लिए कहा तव कंपनी ने 2500 रु का रजिस्ट्रन कराने के लिये कहा। मैने रजिस्ट्रन करा लिया।कंपनी ने मेरे email पर लगभग 46000 मोवाइल नम्वर भेजे one month work करने के वाद मैन compny को call किया तब मुझसे कहा गया कि आपका रजिस्ट्रेसन अधुरा है।मैने रजिस्ट्रेसन पूरा कराने के लिये 1500 और कंपनी के वैक a/C मेँ diposit किया।आज मुझे पूरा six month हो गया है मुझे अभी तक कोई replay नही मिला। यह कंपनी सीधे साधे बेरोजगारो को धोखा दे रही है।मेरी रिक्वेस्ट है कि आप लोग एसी धोखेवाज कंपनी से बचेँ

repya :-banvarikewat@gmail.Com


I really shocked I wanted to join this today. I don't have earnings and I can't go outside to do work. Before getting amount how we can verify these are frauds. Why they are publishing and who is giving permission for this type of ads. Thank you

Nishitha Y K

I also deposit yesterday for data entry job but today I saw that its a fraud company.Very disappointing.


I almost joined this group but searching the net I came to this blog and am very thankful about this. Now I won't pay any money. Thanks to rahul. The company can take our ID proof. They don't need money.

Mamta Pandey

Thank you so much guys.All of you might don't know that you all have helped me in a big extend as I were about to join the company with my savings as I am an mba completed student and going through stress of good job


Thanks for sharing ur experience with all india net group. I was abt to join this. But before joining I check its complaints n scam.Then I know how fraud it is. Thanks again to all complainers............