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Vicky Singh on 03 June 2012
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Svaiza.com and seajin cheated me fraud website

Dear sir I was offered a contest coupon of rs 99/- For apple I-phone, while surfing on internet. I thought to try my luck for the contest I bought the coupon, but I didnt got any conformation message on my mobile, I got the soft copy of the coupon, but it didnt had any ticket number on it. And the web site also promised to pay 100% cash-back, in terms of credit points, which we can use in shopping from the site. Since 10 days, I havent received any mail regarding the contest, and on using this credit points for shopping they are asking for the coupon code, and I have not received any kind of coupon number from them. Pz hep me out, as I am a student and rs 9/-. Means a lot to me. And I do know how come website like timesofmoney is support a fraud and fake website like svaiza.Com who do no bother to respond customers issue regards vicky

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Nikhil Sinha

Thanks guys for ur feed back

this fruad site was offering me iphone worth rs 45500 for only rs 699.

I was ordering for two sets.

But before it I tried to check the guinenety of it and the result is all yours


Rameshwar Seth

Dear all

thank you so much

I was planning to participate in this systems and after reading your complain surely I will not go for this fake site to buy any thing.

Narinder Singh

Thnxxxx yaaarooooo....... aaj mai b gya tha :)


Thanks guys. For your feed back. I was about to participate in the contest.

Gautom Mehra

Dear all

we are sorry for the inconvenience.First of all svaiza.com is not a fake website and neither we are cheating our customers.Let me tell you what you have paid is not for the product its to participate in the contest.If participant wins that contest then definitely we will give that product without any extra charge and if not able to win the contest then we provide credit points into participants svaiza account. So that participants can use their credit point to purchase some other product.For further information and queries mail us on info@svaiza.com or call our customer service during working hours.Surely we will help to solve your issues.


Gautom svaiza

VenkataRao Ki


It is similar to http://www.100bestbuy.com donot buy products in this websites. its totally frauds you should make calls every day once if enter in this sites no response from the people ... just i have seen svaiza.com also same to same format .. dont loss your money like this fraud internet sites

if you see any offers contests about products in any sites first of all check itn google.com ab out that company frauds like this " saviza frauds"