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Sanjay Pal on 03 June 2012
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Redressal of grievance against services provided by tata sky

Sir, it is with great regret that I have to inform you that a long tata sky customer (since 2008)(customer ID 185) and is a premium customer member(as told by the customer care). Despite being a premium customer, I am facing great problems during any service that I am asking from the customer care. I being a serving officer in indian air force, am frequently being transferred and forced to relocate my tata sky connection. The last two relocation, I.E., From kalaikunda (kharagpur, west bengal) to wellington, nilgiris and from wellington, nilgiris to gwalior, mp, has been a harrowing experience. On the first occasion, the delay for installing my connection at wellington, nilgiris took almost 7 days from the day of my requisition. Lately, in apr 12 I had to relocate from wellington, nilgiris to gwalior, mp. The day of my departure from wellington was planned for 22 apr 12. On 15 apr 12, I called up tata sky customer care asking for a request for relocation on 21 apr 12. However, I was informed that I should register for relocation only upto 72 hrs in advance. Therefore, I again called up customer care for relocation on 18 apr 12 asking for the de-installation by 21 apr 12. No calls were received by me thereafter and on 22 apr 12, I again gave a call to customer care to inform that I was leaving the location that day and what should be the course of action to which I was assured that I will be provided with a new dish and 10 mts of wire per connection (I have two digi comps) absolutely free of cost. On reaching the new location, I.E., Gwalior, mp, I requested for a installation and cited the reason for not having a dish which was to be provided free of cost. The day my connection was installed, I reiterated the same to the tata sky engineer who confirmed me that the dish will be provided free of cost after consulting his senior at gwalior infront of me. On 02 jun 12, I received a message in my rmn that my connection will be deactivated with immediate effect. On calling up tata sky customer care to my horror I found that the cost of new dish for the relocation has been charged to me. On speaking to the supervisor, mr mark, he assured me that the matter will be solved within 24 hrs. Despite the assurance, my tata sky connection was deactivated at 1145 hrs on 03 jun 12. Immediately I called up tata sky customer care and could manage to speak with mr naresh who was the supervisor on duty and enlightened him of my misfortune. Thereafter he has once again assured me of resolving the matter within 2 hrs. At 1200 on 03 jun 12 I received a call from the tata sky billing section who heard my misfortune again. This mismanagement of my relocation by the tata sky company has resulted in a tremendous loss of time, energy and money (being put on hold for uncertain amount of time for a chance to speak to customer care and their supervisors). It is requested that the complaint may be redressed at an appropriate level and an suitable compensation may be done. Thanking you. Yours sincerely, wg cdr sanjay pal 0/4, chetak enclave, air force station, maharajpur, gwalior.