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Madhavan R on 28 May 2012
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Vodafone dsa systematic knowledge services pvt ltd complaint

I am madhavan r (992009019).Skspl representative mr.Suhas collected the document and chq of rs.350/-(Receipt no.5867/18.05.2012) for new post paid connection 9200 9010 ,chq no.328735/15.05.2012 and the same got debited on 23.05.2012,they had given the sim,verification by phone and at home have been done on 23.05.2012,but till today 2012 they have not activated the sim,and they dont pick the mobile they had provided 6728 and on their receipt 8330 034. They dont have a land line number.I had send several sms to either activate the sim or return back the document and money.No response.Help

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Nikita Somaiya

i got a call from MR Rajnikant for a new post paid account but i was some how convinced to convert pre paid in to post paid stating i would get a plan where i have to pay rs 200 as monthly rental and i will get 300 mins free and 100 sms free itamised bill free clip free .but when after a month i get my bill more then 400 Rs and no discounts and the plan is also different no body responses and asking me to go to vodaphone stores .. y is the customer suffering because of this sales company .Vodaphone being a big company and keeping such cheap sales company to earn money is a big shame on VODAPHONE ..i want my plan to be activated as per Miss HUMA -- 8879336712 ..a shame for compaines like this ..

Abhijit Shetye

this is referace to my previous post to vodafone ... i port out my no. from vodafone on 06.dec 2012 due to bad service by vodafone DSA i.e. SKPL ... and i also communicate with nodal office for refund of my security deposit .. and the nodal officer assure me that vodafone will refund

my security deposit amount within two months . todays date is 16.feb 2013 ..two moths already passed .. but till date i haven't receive refund amount from vodafone

Pravin Sharma

I had filed for port my Airtel No. to Vodafon . A person from systematic services came to my office and took my documents .He said that someone will deliver the new sim either at my home or office. Now after 7 days I have received a message from vodafone that my port sim activate soon . I have not yet received the new sim. I will completely cutoff without my phone number. No one picks up the phone at "systematic services" and they do not have any landline number. This is a completely unprofessional behaviour on vodafone's part as they should have verified whether I have received the new sim card . Can someone please take up this issue and help me out with this.

Abhijit Shetye

this is reply for the my previous post dated 16 feb 2013. on 16th of feb 2013 (i.e. 2 months after port out my no. from vodafone .) I am asking them for my security deposite . i talk to nodal officer and she told me .. we will refund it after 60 working days .. means Holidays and weekend will not included in that .. so i said ok .. !

todays date is 3rd april .

from 8th dec. 2012 to 3rd april 2013 = 116 days less weekend and holidays 40 aprox

means 76 days already passed.. but i still not receive amount of deposite from vodafone .

Abhijit Shetye

the is related to my previous post (i.e. 3rd april 2013) after that post i got call from vodafone i speaked with Mayuri and she asure me that i will receive my deposit by courier on till thursday .. (i.e. 15 april 2013) today is 22nd but i still not received any deposit refund amount

Sujata S

my problem as same also as madhavan We have Purchased 2 sims from systematic knowledge Pvt. Ltd. Rs. 300/-Per Sim.

They had Informed us that Rs 200/- will be Refund in two month from Vodafone. but not yet action done from them

Kindly Guidemes in the matter satisfactorily.