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Ritesh Kathrecha on 26 May 2012
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Mts mblaze data card postpaid customer is facing multiple issues

Mts data card no. 0379 ritesh kathrecha @gmail.Com going point to point in order to avoid lethargic paragraphs. Issue no. 1) self care portal is not working as desired. It is still showing me as prepaid customer and it didn't update my details of postpaid so I was not able to see my billing & any other information in self care account on mtsindia.In. Issue no. 2) I'M enrolled to rs.499/= Plan for 8 gb in day and 15 gb in night usage. I've clearly read & confirmed that if I log in at 10:55 pm and do not disconnect, it'LL be considered as day usage and if I log in at 6:55 am and do not disconnect, it'LL be considered as night usage. However, my night usage is counted in day usage therefore my day balance was instantly over & I am charged for usage so it is the case of fake advertisement. Issue no. 3) no good customer care over the phone & it takes more than half an hour to explain your problem to customer care executive and they don't believe in customers & just keep saying what they're seeing in their system so it's highly insulting & frustrating to spend a lot of money by calling mts customer care by any other mobile as they do not provide any toll free no. Issue no. 4) my postpaid services are deactivated twice by saying my credit limit is over whereas it's problem of server which considered my night usage as day usage and I've not used that much data then also it's deducting hell lots of mbs from my account so there's a major data usage count problem in mts servers. It is very frustrating, bothering, & irritating to be an mts valued postpaid customer as I was a very happy customer when I was with mts prepaid. Till date I've got no concrete assistance from the store as well as nodel desk. I've migrated from prepaid to postpaid by mts authorized shop near virani high school at rajkot and the owner of the shop is mr. Ashish dhamecha and the mts executive is ms. Komal katdare. I was very much shocked when my connection was barred without any prior information to me and I've suffered from this disconnection a lot & mts doesn't care. I've got a call from customer care or technical department regarding my complaint but it led me nowhere & they've no any concrete response & they also tries to prove that customer is wrong and mts service is the only right thing which is very much humiliating & insulting by customer's point-of-view. I would require an immediate action & I would like to talk to an mts authority as I've talked to many people over the phone but still... I've got no resolution of my complaint and I am surviving without internet even though I've not used it excessive & due to server problem, I've to suffer from this.

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Mts Customer Service India

Hi ritesh kathrecha

we value your concern. To assist you effectively we would need your

contact number to discuss the concern and provide a resolution.


mts customer service india

Bhupendra Kumar

Mts has the worst services ever

as I am a ex-student of an iit I know true value of the internet speed

mts ppl should go f**k themselves as I asked numerous times to ccs ppl about porting my postpaid data card into prepaid they never give proper response to anyone...

they say speed will be huha typs but they just insult knowledge of "aam aadmi". They think they can do watever they want and nobody will be able to do anything.

Right now I am thinking of cut out the services of mts and go to consumer court for the answers ....

if ccs wont reply us with some manners and they are still sleeping ....

mts I'LL see u soon


I was using mts prepaid connection for past one year and was getting good speed.

But last month they called and said that they have good postpaid plan and and said that we can change it back to prepaid any time by submitting some forms to mts office. So I thought of trying mts postpaid and changed connetion to postpaid.

Now it is the worst connection and cant use it because of low speed. When I called customare care they are saying there is no such option to convert from post paid to prepaid.

I cant understand why they are doing like this?? persuading people who were satisfied with prepaid to convert to postpaid and then not providing good service.

If they are not changing my connection back to prepaid I am going to discontinue with there service and go for another service provider for sure.


Thanks for enlightening me it's better to stay with the prepaid.But the way I see it lan connection(bsnl) works better than any other dongles.

Lopamudra Muduli

Dear sir/Madam

I have applied for mts mblaze connection on 20th dec 2012 in chennai. I am really frustrated with your service regarding this.

The following issues are faced when just to activate a connection. I wonder what kind of service you will give after connection.

1. One of your "agent" came to my house and said all good words about the connection speed and all and insisted on postpaid connection.

I specifically asked whether the postpaid connection can be converted to prepaid or not. He repeatedly said yes and the connection activation will be done in 48 hours.

2. After 48 hours I inquired about my connection. To my utter dismay the guy responded saying post paid cannot be converted to pre paid and he needs more documents.

3. As I have paid the amount already I agreed for a post paid connection but I wanted the connection to be active asap.

4. Here comes 4th day!!! 96 hourse. Upon complaining your "agent" says I didnot commit anything. The activation will take 2 more days.

What kind of business you are running?? first of all wrong commitment and taking money basis of that is a fraud act. In addition to that do you really need 5 days to activate a connection?? I had tata photon and I was not happy with their speed. That's why I wanted to switch.

Now you will not refund the amount also!!!

but I found you are the worst data card provider of all. Nobody gives so much trouble before giving the connection.

If somebody really reads this mail for god's sake please activate the connection. I hope you can retrieve the details from my mail ID.


lopamudra muduli

Satheesh Babu

Mts waste data card postpaid no response of teamleader mr.Santhosh [hanamkonda warangal district andhra pradesh]I am not see my usage data on mts web page. Any mts staff not tell me how to operate my usage data balance. No lift my phone call service executive mr....her cell no.9133119123. I am suffering more problems with mts post paid data card no one understand to me my proble salvation. I want disconnect my post paid mts data connection. Worest service mblaze.

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