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Victim on 18 May 2012
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Smart consultancy India fraud

Smart consultancy bloody frauds I had taken form filling and html tagging project from smart consultancy, 2nd floor, akaar-3 complex, cg road, ahemdabad, gujarat. I paid 5000 inr for slot confirmation charges for form filling project and ,000 inr for html tagging project. I would like to share my experience with smart. I deal with them in 2 process.For details see below. Data management form filling project I had taken this process from smart on 25-january-2012. They told me that your slot is confirmed and documentation work is done, so by 1st week of february your center will be live. I got the confirmation by their end,I hired new employees and change my center for new project. On 2 feb, 012, my staff and center was ready. I was waiting for revert from smart. Suddenly, I got a call from mayur sonawale (bdm of smart), he told me that it will take 2 weeks more as all the other center are lined up and sign up will be held according to that. I waited but nothing happened, he again gave me another date for sign up. Whole february passed out but still nothing happened. This time the excuse was that the company in hyderabad got the advance payment from the client but rbi had stop the transaction and that’s why it’s taking time. Vikram will be travelling to hyderabad for discussion. I had no more tolerence power left, I called them. Mayur pick the phone and told me that be ready for sign up. Sign up is going to be held in hyderabad and will be name and state wise. So be calm and wait for your turn. As I had no other way I waited for his call. Finally,on 1 march they told me that the process is no more you can take 5k back. Meanwhile they told me that they had 2 new process. You can start with these process and your center will be live within 24hrs of sign up. I had no other process to tackle with my financial situation and I agreed to took the process from them. The 2 process where: 1. Data mining process details: consultancy: ,000 inr per seat, payout: 10$ per hour, training: online, sign-up: online 2. Html tagging process details: consultancy: ,000 inr per seat payout: 60 inr per page no. Of pages: 250 for 15 days submission: every 15th day training and sign up: online I don’t have 3 lacs to invest in data mining project that why I route to html tagging by paying ,000 inr at the time of sla and rest 50,000inr will be deducted from my first month billing. I am satiesfied with their proposal and started working. When I submit the work they told me that for qc it will take 10 days, so wait untill your qc is generated. After 10 days I got the qc report(attached below). In qc report they specify that work done by my company is below the accuracy parameters, so there will be no payment. I agreed because I think I had done the work first time. May be my team had done some mistakes and unable to achieve the quality parameters. Later that day, mayur called me and agreed me to take another slot. I took new slot and start working. After 10 days, same thing happened…..no accuracy-no payment. I told them how this will happened. My team had done the work under my presence and there is no change of no accuracy. I know that the work done by my team is upto the quality parameters as I was confident I ask them for qc report but they have’t send me any report till yet. I think may be there are chances that I was wrong, I deposit 75inr in their account and told them that I neew another process. I trust them and again I feel the same. I was in the situation as I was. They had taken my money and refused to pay back. Finally they paid me back when I told them that I will file a case against them. At last they paid only ,000 inr to me and rest is in their pocket. Have a look on the slip. I had lost my patience and calmness in my mind, I approached some centers whom they had given work. Same happens with them.I started collecting information about smart consultancy. With the help of my friends, business associates and internet. I came to know that they are big frauds and all the business development managers are poppets of vikram. Smart consultancy history smart consultancy is started by vikram and his friend mr. Ajay sharma in surat.Smart is registered as a manpower and recruitment agencey. I had attached the registration document below. In surat, they hired some people and start building the trap. Later they shifted the company to vadodara, because vikram had taken money form some people on the name of giving them job. He even don’t paid to the staff over there and same he done in vadodara. Being blacklisted from surat and vodadara, he came to ahemdabad to find new targets. He took an office on rent and makes dhawnil his partner. They decided to run debt collection process from his office and later he hires mayur sonawale, abhishek dubey, ajit bangal and siddharth sharma for running the process. All these four boys had experience in debt collection process. They run the process but earn nothing as all are greedy,bloody cheaters and cheating is there in their blood. Later vikram founds that bpo industry is booming up and decided to enter bpo industry. He started outsourcing from smart consultacy from january,2012 and still making fool of innocent people. About vikram pratab singh: he is a failure in his life, kicked off from a leading insurance company of india. He thinks himself a business tycoon and had a fact that no body will take him off. But in real he is a bloody fruad and a big fool who thinks that he can fool everyone. The most interesting thing about this guy is that he shows that he is a very rich & busy man but in actual he had nothing to do. His family had no connection with him from the past 3 years as he is a liar, cheat and a fraudster, who wants all his parental property in his name. He doesn’t want to give share to his brother and sisters. Her mother discarded him from the family. He had an eight years old son and luckily two wives: sonia singh and priya sajnani. He married his second wife priya one and half a year back in a temple in vadodara. Unfortunately that time priya is already married and want a relief from his husband. Priya joined smart 3 years back and was an employee in smart consultancy in vadodara. But nowdays she is a director. I think you will guess how she make this progress, bloody slut. Vikram don’t have a house to live, from the past 4 month he is living in a hotel in paldi, C.G road. Now he manages to rent out a flat in ahemdabad. Ajay sharma had given him his flat to live where his wife and son were living but now he recently shifted her wife with him. Few days back her wife was taken to court by some lenders, who had given money to vikram for doing business. I don’t know this guy manages all these kind of stuff. In real he is a bastard, bloody son of a bitch, who tarkets innocent people and take pleasure of their money. About priya sajnani: priya sajnani married to hitesh golani( a bank employee in anand), four years back. They don’t have any child because priya told everyone that his husband is an impotent. In actual she wants to be with vikram where she will have all luxuries things of life and offcource physical satisfaction. How women like priya spoiling the image of womens in our society. Bloody slut & whore.Please free to contact her because if you have more money than vikram then priya will be yours. About mayur sonawale: he one of the bdm’s of smart consultancy india (in short rand hand of vikram).He is living with his family in ahmedabad. His father is a government officer and mother is housewife. He is a perfect copy of vikram. He thinks that he can con anyone because he is a buly. He shows himself very rich and tell everyone that his father is a joint secretary of a political in ahmedabad. But in real, he is a small con like his height. He don’t know that every dog has his day. He is very fond of drinking and paid sex. He says,every prostitute in ahmedabad knows his name. He had fear from wayer that’s why he baths once in a month. His mentality is as small as his height and less like his hairs. This is a short description about smart consultancy india. There is lot more to share. Even you can see the posting of comments by the centers who are victim of smart. Then you believe me. I had attached their documents as well, be aware and keeping posting and make these kind of people to face the reality of life. Thanks!!! other victims mukhras bpo and consultancy mantra kansara 1624 blue soft megha 0808 bule dot communications faizan 7833 crest foundation nishant patel 5003 om solution asarani 0001 path solutions harish tiwari 9125 perumpadippil technologies binoy thomas 4914 radiyans chirag 0094 shree mahavir infotech smkit 8888 signus soft solutions megha 9212 simply software solutions chitwan 8081 synergy soft solutions hiten 1373 turesys anil 1990 vision soft. Shaikh 6629

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Alagiri Srinivasan

Hello All

I am really confused in above comments. Please give me genuine feedback about the company because we are planing to buy HTML Tagging project from smart consultancy india. please send your feedback to sreegiri89@gmail.com.

Dayananda Arakere

SMART CONSULTANCY IS TOTALLY FAKE !! This process is totally fake !!!! THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AS UPFRONT AND NOTHING COMES OUT OF IT. Do not waste you money pls contact me if you need more information

Richa Sharma

Proceedway Technology mohali is totally faked..........They taken 1000 money and do not conduct any interview call and mail for same.

Now they said they return my even at time of meeting they said they return money if d't conduct any interview.Do not waste your money.

If any one can return my money from their consultancy kindly help the same.

Gourav Jain


thats gourav jain i m thinking to invest my money in aldiablos pvt.ltd plz reply me what to do as its fake or not

and if it is fake plz tell me about any genuine company of bpo


regards gourav jain


Sohil Chaudhari

hello every one

i am also planing for investing 400000 inr for voice call process but there is no qc in this process .

kindly suggest me what to do

i ask them to provide me such reference who are working with them then they provide me the address of pune which is also refered as their office

do i have to invest or what????

please miss call me if u have any suggestion on +91 9426564211

Vaibhav Dave

they will not provide any refernce for the same and if you have truecaller kindly verify the no that they will provide twice because those no are use by there director itself from where they are operating the whole scene

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