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Syed Mohammad Shamim Eqbal on 17 May 2012
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Airtel postpaid connection outgoing calls stopped after 15 days of activation

I came to delhi in june 2011 from jamshedpur on an assignment with tata consulting engineers as their consultant (full time).Initially I took a prepaid connection after submitting all the required papers @ documents which were verified also by the agent.My prepaid no: 4633 was running ok but as no cash recept was given for recharge ,I was not able to get my re-imbursement of mob expenses from tce.On the advice of the employer ,I decided to change the same pre paid no to post oaid no.So I searched on computer to find a sevice provider whose mob no was 7950 & the name of the lady was garima.I had to go to their office at dwarka mor tosubmit all the documents reqd.Again ,verification ,reverification (due to some typographical error ) ,thesim was issued;but no activated was wrong .I wanted to get the same prepaid no 4633 converted to post paid no the no activated was 4688 which was again a mistake on the part of the agent.Again I received acall from one mr mohit choudhry mob no 9518 on 2nd april saying that he would get me a post paid connection of the same prepaid no 633) he send one person to my residence at dwarka to collect copy of the documents like photograph,rent agreement ,police verification ,pan card ,voter ID card passport copy etc as reqd by previous agent of dwarka mor.This time asim was issued to me & thus I came to know the agency's name .It was live wire call centre services pvt ltd,h-1 ,C block ,community centre ,naraina vihar. Each time after submission of the related documents & photograph,the contact to the person called was not possible . No action for full one month .Airtel service centre at dwarks sector 4 market gave me a no of some mr ved prakashmob:9560610606 who listened to me & send me a sim card through a messenger with activated no 8826384633.I thought that my ordeal is over.But exactly after 15 days my out going calls have been stpped .On inquiring from airtel centre he checked & told that my papers have not been submitted.I was aghast to find this .Two sets of papers have been submitted,verified by 4nos of visiots to my house,& now your record say there are no documents ,thats why calls outgoing are barred.I would also like to inform you that welcome letter from head ,customer services ( mr manikandan r ) has come to me in the first week of may.What is all this mess?.Airtel may have grown in size but they are not professionals.I am also concerned that my 2 sets of documents may be misused as this has been given to most un professional people,who have no respect for senior ,loyal customers like me. I would personally like to explain my grief to a responsible official who understand my problem & provide remedy I canbe contacted on 4633 on which I can ,so far receive calls.Alternately 2325 is my other no. My email address is : @yahoo.Co.In will some responsible official talk to me urgently ???????? shamim eqbal (a thoroughly disgusted customer )

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