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Public on 15 May 2012
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Nature heights infra ltd big scam in Punjab

This company is selling forest section land in pathankot , anandpur ,talwara in shap of approve township throw MLM concept

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Narinder Kumar

Why the complaints and requests are not being attended by the coy .

Gurvinder Singh

Nature Heights Infra limited

Nhil is a genuine company you should have some knowledge about the townships and all other projects of the company. There is a process to develop a township which takes around 3 to 6 years for development of townships. Company has so many projects other than townships which are approved.So do not hesitate to invest in Natureheights infra limited projects Company has a big reputation in the field of Real estate and also its a rajiv gandhi global excellence award winning company....!!

Arun Kumar

nature heights: nfra ltd where to contact my claim or to whome I contact for my confirm plot and how it should be done

Baljeet Singh


I recently came to know that all the unprofessional activities NHI had done in the past results are coming out now.

8 criminal cases had been registered so far against the NHI in ABOHAR.

Please find the details here:

Cases filed against MD in Abohar:





Few judgments in cases against NHI:



Income tax raid against NHI last year:


Time has come to get back our money from the unauthorised projects. Company is making fool of others.

Baljeet Singh

साथिओ वे सभी लोग जिन्होंने तलवारा प्रोजेक्ट या NHI कम्पनी में FD या RD में आपने फंसे पैसो को लेना हैं उन्हें कानूनी लड़ाई लड़नी पड़ेगी इसके लिय दिनांक 26 augst 2015 को जालंधर में मीटिंग रखीं गई है जो भी साथी मीटिंग में पहुचेंगे उनके signature करवा कर कानून करवाई शरू कर दी जायगी अतःजयदा से जयदा लोग मीटिंग में समय पर पहुंचे ई

meeting place -jalandher at compny baag park

time- 10:00 am

thanks ARVIND- 9988620910

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Baljeet Singh

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