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Fatema Haresh Rana on 30 April 2011
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Fraud by Y-Axis Overseas Careers

I am fatema rana from surat, I took service from y-axis, hyderabad for australia immigration. They informed that if the rules get changed they will return the money as per the agreement. Now they are refusing and hiding themselves whenever I call or email pls help us.

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Well Wisher

Oh yes he steals money from petty cash etc. Such a cheap man old fucking asshole

Shantanu Mitra

Dear Fatema

This is an official response from Y-Axis.

With reference to your contact details we found you were a registered client of Y-Axis.

As per the terms of service level agreement we have delivered our services and followed by that your registered account has been closed due to non compliance with the process requirement.

You have registered with Y-Axis on 23-09-2010 and your account has been closed on 18-02-2013 as you did not submit necessary documents to process your application.

Y-Axis has given you ample time to process application and file your visa petition but unfortunately you fail to submit the same especially IELTS score.

If you are not able to clear your IELTS test and obtain required score then Y-Axis is not responsible nor can be blamed in any manner.

Therefore your claim is not legitimate and your comment in this forum is baseless.


Client Relationship Officer

Y-Axis Overseas Career

Kk Kashyap

Thanks Shantanu...I have recently applied for Australian immigration and I have full confidence in you guys...

Meenaa Sarda

guys whoever is unsatisfied with any Australian Immigration agent you can directly contact MARA(Migration Agents Registration Authority). Being an Australian Immigration agent its my duty to help whoever is misguided OR cheated. Thanks.

RajKumar Dubey

It means before proceeding to PR visa service one should have IELTS 7 band score. Because Y axis or any immigrating consultant can ignore file in absent of good IELTS score and refuse to pay payment already paid to them.

In such case Y axis should ask every client to go for IELTS test first than they should ask payment for further processing. You should not ask payment in advance. Pre evaluation payment is ok but you should notify to clients to prepare for IELTS test once they are ok to apply for PR visa.

Venu Gopal

All your answers for Y-AXIS is here . watch it


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