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Fatema Haresh Rana on 30 April 2011
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Fraud by Y-Axis Overseas Careers

I am fatema rana from surat, I took service from y-axis, hyderabad for australia immigration. They informed that if the rules get changed they will return the money as per the agreement. Now they are refusing and hiding themselves whenever I call or email pls help us.

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Hello guys

first of all thank all of you for the information it looks good to see people supporting each other.

I was planning to contact y-axis for guidance in finding jobs in canada. But after seeing this website I felt that I will also get cheted in spite of going abroad & get a job.

I am feeling bad now because I dont know whom to believe.

Y-axis & other consultants need to know that ever ybody is not rich its pepole's hard earned money that they invest trusting you guys. They have lot of dreams in their eyes pls dont shatter them.

For you this money might mean nothing but for other its their life career & hard work.

I agree earning money is must for you also but please avoid doing on others dream.

Guys does anybody know about opulents in hyderabad how are they.

Any other consultants pls suggest..

as a friendly suggestion: if I was stuck with y-axis. Then till now I should have filled number of cases. That too with a couple of fake cause if they are faking why can't we. I would have tried to spend more also with lawer & if required with police.

Yes lawfully you should go to consumer court & local police only. It will be good if you can involve media also.

Thank you all pray to god that u get back ur hard earned money.

Well Wisher

I joined Y-Axis last year to be specific in Kolkata branch. The day I joined I liked the office gradually I noticed the so called ass hole TL Syed Waseem Kazemi started weaving his evil plans. I agree that I trusted him too. This man does not have any respect for women he just sees everyone as sex dolls. He misleads people & spreads rumor that Y-Axis is creating unnecessary troubles for him so it Caroline (Sales Manager). Caroline is a nice woman so are the founder & his spouse & other members too. However when you hear your seniors blaming the superiors being a new comer you portray a wrong picture about the company. But how long? The truth has to come out some day sometime.

This man approached me to go to his home during the absence of his wife & many other times as well. Ever since he started showing true colors! I did not even have a clue! He once admitted that he gets jealous to see other members' sales coming when he sits in zero. He is a double faced fork tongued old man. Not only this he smokes ganja(marijuana) in office. The man who is always drunk & doped I should not expect any better of him.

It is he alone who caused so many other female co-workers resign from their service. It is him who does not want the camera to work so that he can continue bullshitting against everyone. He steals money from petty cash.

The funniest thing is he even SLEEPS with his own CLIENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y-Axis is definitely a good company but Kolkata branch is doomed because of this man he never helps anyone in sales. He never helped me. He can not even get his own sales but he makes sure that he curses the company everyday. There is no future of Kolkata branch unless this man is out.

I would love to work with Y-Axis & prove my potential but certainly not in Kolkata branch till this man is out.

Beware if your consultant is Syed Waseem Kazemi who knows if you are the next target.

Well Wisher

Oh yes he steals money from petty cash etc. Such a cheap man old fucking asshole

Shantanu Mitra

Dear Fatema

This is an official response from Y-Axis.

With reference to your contact details we found you were a registered client of Y-Axis.

As per the terms of service level agreement we have delivered our services and followed by that your registered account has been closed due to non compliance with the process requirement.

You have registered with Y-Axis on 23-09-2010 and your account has been closed on 18-02-2013 as you did not submit necessary documents to process your application.

Y-Axis has given you ample time to process application and file your visa petition but unfortunately you fail to submit the same especially IELTS score.

If you are not able to clear your IELTS test and obtain required score then Y-Axis is not responsible nor can be blamed in any manner.

Therefore your claim is not legitimate and your comment in this forum is baseless.


Client Relationship Officer

Y-Axis Overseas Career

Kk Kashyap

Thanks Shantanu...I have recently applied for Australian immigration and I have full confidence in you guys...

Meenaa Sarda

guys whoever is unsatisfied with any Australian Immigration agent you can directly contact MARA(Migration Agents Registration Authority). Being an Australian Immigration agent its my duty to help whoever is misguided OR cheated. Thanks.

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