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Anand on 12 May 2012
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Reluctance of mts internet providers even after filing complaint

I had purchased the data card and had submitted required documents on 5th of this month. I was assured from mts dealer that my area has good coverage of mts network. His name is yaseen - 858, he also said that my connection would be active with in some hours. (He had sent some representative for my home) my connection was active only after monday no one came here for verification as said by the dealer. I have been getting speed of 1.4 kbps. I had crosschecked in www.Speedtest.In , it showed that the bandwidth is 14 kbps and u could dwnld up to 2kbps around. I had called yaseen (dealer) minimum of 100 times, he had not lifted my call. When I tried to contact him from another number he was rather arrogant and insisted to complaint to you. He is not lifting now also. ( I have been calling him as he said that he LL take responsibility if we doesnt get speed and LL surely refund on the day 1 itself) I have raised a complaint on tuesday itself to u. Complaint number is c1247440871 no one cared of it, I dint get any call mts. Its already 1 week, as per my plan I need to pay for 00/- With out using for this week. If it is unresolved I may receive complete bill with in a fortnight. Being a student I cant bear this. Plz dont blame my computer or some thing. I have been reliance data card with the speed of 60-150kbps depending on time of usage. I had a paid version of antivirus, I have deleted cookies, temp files and all stuff. I have contacted nodal office via @mtsindia.In I got a reply which said to contact me with some number provided. I have tried to it many a times. Its switched off. 5255 now my complaints are: 1. Dealer who sold the product is not lifting my call , rather arrogant at me. Please file a complaint on him. (I can prove it, I have recorded everything. Yaseen - +91 858) 2. No one came for verification process. 3.Download speed is not more than 3kbps (I was assured for 3mbps) 4.No one cared of my complaint at costumer care. - C1247440871 5. I need a refund at any cost.

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A Anand


cust care...online forums...nodal office..field engineer...rf- rdaiofrequency people LL come to ur place.. updates to nodal office.. call from nodal office after their scrutiny..

it took me 20 days.. yet not complaint...still processing!


Anand even if they visit my place still I M sure nothing is gonna happen......coz I have seen in other forums people complaining about it. They say that engineers visit their place and then go away after checking everything and still the problem continues........therefore I dont expect anything from mts.........let them come atleast they will see themselves that what speed I M getting.

Mts Customer Service India

Dear maneet

as discussed with you earlier by a member of our customer service our technical expert will visit your home today after 11am and carry out checks to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.


mts customer service india

A Anand

Dear mts customer care

what about my problem? (I am the one who had started this thread)

I have not yet receives bill from yaseen yet he is not lifting my call even now.(Mts dealer yaseen 9060082858)

dont spare such idiots they LL be playing innocent and poor just for 1 connection.

I got a super reply from mts nodal office that I cant expect speeds as we are 1.5 km away from mts site and apologised for the same .

Dont u know that point at the time of activation.

Dealer acme to my place on the day of purchase.Field eng rf technician came oveer to my place and saw that I cant even open my webpage. I have raised complaint on day 1 I.E on 8th of may and I got reply on 22nd that I cant get speeds . With the reason that my place is far away from my place. What is this non sense. I dont know whether u people can do any thing just for 1 connection!

at last I insisted nodal off people to disconnect my service. I think they have done it.

I had visited mts outlet @ marthalli (global infocom)have raised complaint on yaseen request for refund for device mblaze cancel my bill as I am not ready to pay any bill without using the datacard. I have raised complaint on 1st day and u took these4 days for processing complaint. Its totally ur fault.

See that every thing happens and confirm me rechecking all the 4 issues

(1.Regarding deactivation of my bill

2.Complaint on yaseen 9060082858

3.Requisition for refund for mblaze device

4.Requisition for cancellation of bill as it took 18 days to work it out and its ur fault totally)

plz recheck and confiem me regarding this rather than replying with some nominal sentences (like sorry for inconvinience and we LL ensure that someone LL call me or so)

Mts Customer Service India

Hi anand

we will get back to you on these issues by today end of day. Thank you for your patience.


mts customer service india

Mts Customer Service India

Hi anand

we have taken up your complaint and necessary action has been initiated. We will be able to update you on the same very soon.


mts customer service india

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