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Sivanandam. V on 10 May 2012
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ICC cricket mobile draw promo 2012

From the desk of british high commission foreign secretary outline the government vision for uk foreign policy. Our priorities: your winning prize is ready for you to received. The board of directors, members and committee of great british high commission is now aware of your winning prize 3 crores 6 lahks . We write to remind you that we receive a report that the courier deliver company DID not deliver winning prize to your destination india address, after our investigation, we confirmed that you are the winner of ICC cricket promo award 3 crores 6 lahks . We have also confirmed that up til this moment that you have not received your winning prize of gbp500, 0.00 pounds. Equivalent to 3 cores 6 lakhs rupees after our numerous verifications we found out courier company could not deliver your winning amount to you due to some banking policy and you low co-operation to them. In regards to the above mentioned problems, we (british high commission) have decided to release your winning amount directly to your bank account without any delay. By the power and authority, we have conveyed your transaction to trusted bank which will transfer your winning prize; you’re to contact co-operative bank london with your full banking detail for them to transfer your winning amount directly to your bank account in india without any further delay. Be informed that the only money you will pay to them is (75 pounds) equivalent to (5, 950 rupees) which is their service charges. The reason why you have to pay the charges first to them is because there is an instruction place by (b.M.O.F) british ministry of finance not to deduct any charges from your winning amount for security purposes. This is details to contact co-operative bank london bank name: co-operative bank london uk contact person: mr. Elliot leonard account manager foreign transfer. Bank email ID: @admin.In.Th bank phone number:+447017-601-586 is important you call (mr. Elliot leonard), the general manager of co-operative bank london as soon as you receive this mail and furnish them with your details to receive your winning prize of gbp ,000 pounds equivalent to 3 cores 6 lakhs rupees , below is the information you are required to forward to co-operative bank london. Your full name…………… you’re address………….. you’re state…………… you’re direct mobile phone…….. your office/ Home phone……….. you’re bank name……................. bank account no #................... account holder ………….............. you’re bank swift code ID any?............. your occupation…………….. your next of kin names…………….. your age........................... .... while sending the above listed details, remember to ask co-operative bank london on how to pay their bank required service charges of (75 pounds) equivalent to ,950 rupees) which is the only money you will pay to them for immediate transfer of your winning amount. We guarantee your transaction with co-operative bank london. Follow our instructions, you will not have any problem. From british high commission foreign secretary austin benjamin has made a statement following the decision to place on your winning amount. Dr. Austin benjamin british high commission office, king charles street,london.Sw1a 2ah. This mail and also the first mail as below: ICC cricket promotional award center england 2012 for indian victory. Office phone: +44 701 1624 office phone:+44 701 005 1133 congratulations!!! we acknowledge the receipt of your mail regarding your winning prize for the international ICC cricket mobile promo annual award 2012 here in england. Your mobile number was selected on this ICC cricket mobile promo and we said a big congratulation to you, this message is to bring to your notice that we have issued a demand draft of (£500,000.00 pounds) equivalent to 3 cores 6 lakhs rupees and it has been submitted to scarlet courier company express, forward this application below to the scarlet courier company express on this e-mail; @hotmail.Com to received your winning bank draft, note try to follow their instruction this is to make your claims totally legal also to enable the scarlet courier company express deliver your demand draft of £500.000.00 pounds) equivalent to 3 cores 6 lakhs rupees and make sure that you call the director of scarlet courier company express, rev. Tony moore at 059, immediately you send your full address to the email for fast process of your payment, below is the details of the scarlet courier company ltd (contact. Rev, tony moore ) director oversea delivery section, email: @hotmail.Com tel: + 1059 fax: 5191 kindly forward your information's to scarlet courier company urgent to receive your winning funds 1.Full receivers name:--------------------- 2.Full address:------------------------------- 3.Contact mobile number:------------------- 4.Date of birth:------------------------------- 5.Sex:------------------------------------------ 6.City:------------------------------------------- 7.State/Province:--------------------------------- 8.Country:----------------------------------------- 9.Occupation:-------------------------------------- call them immediately you receive this mail and update us in all your dealing with them so we will know when you receive your bank draft from their courier company.Try to follow their instruction , we guarantee your delivery with scarlet courier company ltd, dr. Lord ego . Payment officer--ICC consolation prize team united kingdom phone: +44 701 1624

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Sir I received a message on 16 11 2012 that I had won 500000 gbp pounds is this real or not plz help me from this.


Sir I received a message on 16 11 2012 that I had won 500000 gbp pounds is this real or not plz help me from this.

Javed Raza

Sir I got a sms from the no. +918585992697 by the name of mr. John brown with an email: iccma@hotmail.Co.Uk by saying that congrats!:your mobile number has been awardwd $750 000.00 in ICC cricket mobile draw. So please reply me as soon as possible

Santhosh Shetty

I have received one message from+918447996435 this number that tells my num.9880930114 is won 500 000 pound in ICC cricket 2012 aword promo to claim your prize.Pls help me my addr.Santhosh shetty manikumeri 5 cents bailur post kowdoor villege karkala taluk udupi dist.Pin.574102 pls help.

Shafiqul Gony Shawpon

Please help me what can I do for reviving my wining prize from ICC cricket mobile draw 2012. My contact number is +8801723989112


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