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Neel Mistry on 02 May 2012
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Against Club mahindra free gift voucher

Me and my wife attended there presentation and they have said in starting of presentation that they will provide free holiday voucher and couple movie ticket. At the end of the presentation they have given me photocopy of gift certificate and told to collect certificate afterwards and no movie ticket given. They said movie ticket will come at home which is not come yet. When I went yesterday to collect a gift certificate again they are saying to provide the details again and come afterwards as it is not ready. After lots of argument they ready to give on the spot and they wasted my 1 hour again. When I register gift coupon today and redeem with 3 options of resort of august means after 4 months with different dates, they replied with different resort and different dates of september. Why they are cheating people so easy? why police is not taking initiative and try to close all this lier offices? why there is no rule for them to follow?

Dr Namita

Ditto neel mistry for us and if I said pls hurry up then ankur says aap teacher hain kya hamesha gusse mein lag rahi hain

Atul Gelani

Plasse free gift voucher in when join to net plasse

Jignesh Shah

Club mahindra is very nice


Club mahindra very cleen good club


Yes club mahindra cheating