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Ruchika Negi on 06 April 2012
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Print out of Msrtc e ticket

I had booked 2 tickets from msrtc website to travel from pune to mumbai. Since I had booked it at 12:00 am and the bus was scheduled at 7:30 am next morning, I could not get a print out of the e ticket. I however had the ticket in my msrtc website account and was willing to show the same to the conductor. But the conductor was very rigid on showing the print out only. He DID not even have a look at the ticket.The terms & conditions in the e ticket do not clearly specify that a person without print out of the e ticket will not be allowed to travel.I had reached the bus stop way ahead of time. Nothing of such sort was written any where on the bus stop as well. I do not question the policies. But policies must be stated clearly and not there must not be space for confusion. Also these things must be highlighted early and not merely when some one goes through such a situation. It right to be following rules but does that mean there is no place for humanity? this was the kind of attitude that the msrtc conductor showed me today.


I will even say why msrtc is needing printed ticket ? why sms or electronic ticket is not allowed ?


If msrtc has started online booking then it must start accepting soft copy as well. I don't see any issue in accepting it as conductor checks ID proof of the passenger. There is no point in charging the customer double the money this as good as looting customer.


Well msrtc encouraging customers to go to private agents pay them atleast rs.100/- And get a print out you can find agents advertisements on bus stands( vandana- thane). Msrtc is restricting their passengers to book tickets on 11th hour.

You know it's like british gaye lekin nokershahi chhod gaye....