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Vimal Kumar Mintri on 04 April 2012
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HDFC Bank Amb charges

I was supposed to maintain an average quarterly balance of rs. 00/- In by s/B a/C no. 2112 . But now as per the new rules I am supposed to maintain an average monthly balance of rs. 00/- . The bank intimidated us the new rule on 21st march 012. But I was very much surprised to find that the bank has already charged rs. 5.75 as amb charges on 10th feb. 2012 for the month of feb.2012 giving us no time to respond or cope with the new rule. How can the bank charge the customers without informing them before hand about the new rule.

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Ridiculous.. it happened with me as well.. they have charged 280.90 without intimating. Feel like closing the account.


Same here...they have taken 344.62 without any intimation...


We shoulds all go ahead and raise a complaint at rbi: http:/Rbi.Org.In/Commonman/English/Scripts/Againstbank.Aspx#

if it works the bank will be screwed to oblivion.


I have been charge the same of 393.26 every month since april 2012 gil now.. lets sort this out together

Guruji Sanketkumar Shripad

Hdfc bank also did for me and rs. 280 towards amb chrg incl st & cess for oct2012.

I didn't get any prior information given to me by the bank.

I am also thinking to close the account in hdfc and will open in nationalised bank like sbi/Bob etc...

M. Bhanu Chandar

Hdfc charged 4 times ny 393 for every month. Iam doing only credit card transcations only. So I am request hdfc bank please close my credit card and hdfc account also. Iam telling to all close your hdfc accounts beacuse they will charge without notifications.