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Amravatiwala Mohd. Hussain on 04 April 2012
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Tvs wego battery issues

Sir, I had purchased a tvs wego from willpower tvs, mira road (mumbai) on 01st april, 011. I have purchased this bike for daily commute to office from residence. The bike worked perfectly for nearly 9 (nine) months but from past 3 months the self start is not working. When taken to service centre for rectification of this issue, they just charged the battery & said now it would work. But again after working for just one day the issue re-appeared. When taken again to the service centre the person clearly said that it is an issue with the battery of the vehicle & the problem is with most of the wego's. Due to this issue I have to kick-start the vehicle every time I stop on traffic signals during commute to office & it is very tiresome. My vehicle has completed nearly 0500 kms & I get the vehicle serviced at regular intervals. So please look into the issue & try to resolve it as early as possible. The details of the vehicle are as under : regn no : mh 04 ew 2958 ch no : md626ag44b1b15294 eng no : og4bb1117383