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Kaviyasree on 02 April 2012
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Not getting passport tatkal appointment

Hi, I was very much irritated with the government service for getting the appointment for tatkal passports. I want to book passport appointment in tatkal but every day I was disappointed. The page was not opened for me and I was keep on trying for last 5 days. Why this disappointment for the public?. Why should not getting the process successful?. If only the agents will get the appointment then why should the government opening it for the public?. Unnecessarily making tension for the public and getting worse name for the government. Why should'nt they make it easy? I don't know how to express my irritation and losing my peace of mind. I would like anybody to do anything for the problem or kindly make arrangement to get the appointments without mental tension or kindly close the sppointments for public and announce them to go to agents. Poor government service no other words to scold the service.

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I tried at 7.30pm it worked but after a week gap submission of application it got it. If you opted for tatakal submitted. For appointment time it will not give appointment for tatkal. It will give for normal. Take what ever the time it is available. After confirmation. In print application shows tatkal.


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Saurabh Gupta

Even I have been trying for last 1 week but after booking the date it shows that the date has been booked by someone else so please try again.

It seems to be a worst process of taking appointment with so much efforts and wastage of time .

Is there a process to submit the documents manually like the old way.


Its guys like adithya above at play I think agents have figured out how to do this and are starting to charge a "premium" for it.

Parvez Mirza

It sucks... everyday I try to take an appointment at 3:00pm and the site doesnt open. Then I try later to find out that appointments are booked and the message appears that try next day after 3 pm. This is happening with me for past 5 days. The only way to submit tatkaal form is through online and it doesnt work for public. What is the use of it when only agents can get the appointment.

I am very disappointed.

Rajesh Sr

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