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Hetal on 30 March 2012
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Cheated by Best bus conductor batch no 95881

Everyday I travel from marinelines stn to nehru planetorium via bus and fare is 8rs vice-a-versa. Today I.E 30th march 2012 I took bus no 83-mh 01 ap0091- 1416 from nehru planetorium bust stop to return home around 8.15pm. This conductor gave me 10rs ticket, on inquiring he said this is the rate.I tried explaining him he has given me wrong ticket as bus stop mention on the ticket was "acharya attre chowk". Instead of checking his meter he started abusing me. When I asked him to mind his tongue he started shouting. Being an educated and civilized citizen I asked for his name he said "nahi dega kya karlegi". I also asked him to return my money back and he refuse to do so. Somehow I manage to remember his batch number 5881 and I have also his photo on my cell phone. I have experienced the same situation before with this same conductor. Its high time he gets more disciplined and knows his job well. He cheated me for 2 rs, it might not be big amount for me, but it really hurted my sentiments. I need authority to take some action against him.