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Chandrashekhar Badriprasad Sharma on 24 March 2012
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BMC non rectification of excessive water-bills

We had been provided 1/2" water connection by brihan mumbai mahanagar palika p-north, liberty garden, malad(west), mumbai 0064 water-connection no. Pne6810007 since 999, the municipal water meter remained non-working. The asst engineer at water department could not get the replacement unit. The bills were sent on estimated consumption, with an assurance to rectify based on the average consumption to be calculated on replacement. We provided our own meter in nov 2008 and intimated the department. The officer assured that based on the actual consumption for the next period the past bills will be rectified and credit would be given in future bills. Our requests have remained unattended till date in spite of drawing attention of the ward-officer through personal meetings ang letters. The water bill for oct-nov 1-12 shows an arrears of rs 797. Now the water department officers have intimated that the water supply may be cut by them and the rectication of the past bills cannot be done.

Sec Mr S B Agua Others

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