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Abhinav Banga on 02 March 2012
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Blackberry 9790 bold 5 take a heat and very low battery backup only 1 hour

My 9790 bold 5 is very-2 bad battery pack-up only not more then 1 hour and when I give the charging to this mobile then it take heat.... 7 to 8 hours take a full charge and after 1hr its gone switched off....... replace my mobile otherwise I take a action and I M the b.O.D in dell company in delhi........... I forward the mail to every company nd my staff in all over india do not buy blackberry......... my mobile no. Is 7281 and 0569


I bought a new blackberry 9790 really disappointed with the battery backup. I have to charge it every 4-5 hours. In a full charge it lasts for 5 hrs backup and 30 mins of talktime.

Cyril Choueiry


I have the same problem when I charge my bold 9790 it become very hot and take really heat on the cover and the battery inside. And it switchs off or decrease the battery level to its 15%.

Please advise.

Thank you.


Deepak Merchant

I too have the same problem blackberry bold 9790 have very poor battery back up.

Also when I take this in basement it shows sos signals thats okay but when I come to ground it never catches signal sutomatically. I have to restart to make it catch the signal.

Thats really annoying.

Can anyone guide how can I take my complaint forward?



Sanjeev Narula

I have the same problem with my blackberry 9790 I paid 25000/- And this phone is not even work for 1 hrs I don't know is that fixed phone or mobile.Because I have to spend most of the time near charging dock.Please help me and do the need flu again blackberry.


Hi sanjeev

I tried to contact their authorized service center as well and they want 12 days to check this phone.

Blackberry is such pathetic.