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Jebin on 23 February 2012
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Vodafone 2g recharge received instead of 3g

I have recently ported to vodafone network.I have top up my number with 101 bonus recharge for 3g internet service.But I received only 2g(edge)connection. When contacted the customer service they asked me to activate the 3g services to my sim(act #g to 144) which I have done. But still I am receiving only 2g connection. The customer care responds with the same answer always-to activate the 3g. I have done that now more than 3 times. My request has not been processed properly. Getting two messages saying 1)'sorry your data pack could not be activated since you dont have sufficient balance in your account ' 2) requested service will be activated in 24 hours. My account has more than 100 rs and I have already spend rs101 for 3g bonus pack. I cant understand why I require balance to activate a 3g service, for which I already have a bonus card. But its more than 24 hours ..still waiting for my 3g activation


Sorry the activation code I have done is act 3g to 144 and not act #g


Hi jebin

we regret any inconvenience caused. Kindly share your number with us here http://www.vodafone.in/existingusers/hns/pages/h2h.aspx?id=t54yauyd3azxwsz1 so that we may be able to address your concern as soon as possible.


vodafone customer care


Your site is not accepting more than 300 characters.How will I explain my problem there?

Vibhor Goswami

I have been having the same problem and I get the same message. I have more that rs. 200 in my account. Does vodafone insist on giving a tough time to customers.

I called up customer care and asked them to give me a service request number so that I will have confirmation of my request for 3g activation. My service request number is 308739263. After this I have tried calling customer care several times but I think vodafone has disabled customer care service from my number. The ivr does not go to customer care executive even while trying it atleast 10 times a day.

I have sent an email to the nodal officer also but still no reply from them after 2 working days.