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Manjunatha on 14 February 2012
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IIPM not paying amount back

On iipm website I enrolled. Call came from iipm delhi that is is the greatest recognized university. 100% placement assured, saying this they brain washed. We trusted and paid 0560 though online transfer of inb reference no. It28532792 dated 15 sep 2011 to iipm a/C no 7632 sbi ncert branch. Again they informed me to pay rs 0/-. I could not pay.I am poor student. They said your money is not refundable after paing 9610 you are allowed to go to class. Till here I din't get any response.

Sachin Bhardwaj

Hey we will fight against them. Please mail me your details about your payment in iipm.Also mail me an application written to iipm regarding refund . Mail me to sachinbhardwaj1967@gmail.Com . Dont worry I will fight.

Kunal Bakshi

What z the criteria to get refund from iipm.

Actually sir I had given 132575(1st installment)+35000 retention amount..

my father z not well now a days..dats y I have leave iipm..

you can contact me 09906060432


How to get retension money back from iipm pls help

Ravi Shankar

Please help to refund my retention fee 25500 iipm