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Manju Banerjee on 11 February 2012
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Spelling mistake in Aadhar card

Cancellation of aadhaar card due to wrong w/O name by manju banerjee against aadhar uid I have recd. My aadhaar card(enrollment no.1218/220052/06095)as date 05/10/2011.My name is manju banerjee w/O sakti pada banerjee, flat no. N-14b,saket , new delhi-110017. I would like to inform you that my aadhaar card has been printed wrongly the name of my husband as w/O shakti pada banerjee as against the right spelling of my husband's name is sakti pada banerjee as mentioned hereinbefore .I request you to you please cancel my existing aadhaar card and make new card with correct spelling of my husband's name as sakti instead of shakti done in the card which have issued to me

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Suvarnalataben Anil Bhai Khambayatee

It is mention in aadhar card that name suppose to be suvarnalataben instaed of lata. Please suggest me how to get it ammended. My ID. No. Is 5015 0890 3837

Ravneet Kaur

There is a spelling mistake in my mom's aadhar card plzz tell me how to correct it ???

Dipali Chikate

There is spelling mistake in my surname in marathi plzz tell me how to correct it????

Jibak Baruah

Sir I have a mistake in my aadhar card ...my father name is wrong in the card...and my date of birth is also wrong...sir please give me some solution ..I am waiting for your answer

Upparapalli Phanindra Babu

My surname is wrong in the card my surname is upparapalli and my name is phanindra babu. Plzzz tell me how to correct it?????????????

Rajendhar Reddy

In my adhar card in father name instead of dontiri they prinited dontirim please heip how to correct???

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