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C.j.ediriweera on 10 February 2012
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Received a email that winner of google annual lottery 2012

Received 1st mail was here google logo dear email user. You have won prize money of (£500,000.00 gbp) by google /Yahoo lottery for the year 2012 annual lottery promotion which is organized by google /Yahoo in co-operations. Billions of email addresses have been selected from world wide web directories. And drawed by our email balloting machine and 13 lucky emails has emerged as our winners for this year's sweepstake programme. However you will have to fill and submit the below information to the events manager 1. Full..2. 2. House address........ 3. Age.................... 4. Telephone number....... 5. Sex. Female.. 6. Occupation. 7. State (contact events manager lottery department) name: mr james walter email:nfzzzz@live.Com 2nd mail 75 ninth avenue 2nd and 4th floors, darlaston road, w1w 9tq london, united kingdom. (Customer services) tel: 4092 congratulations!!! congratulations!!! congratulations!!! I wish to congratulate you once again on behalf of the google corporation online promotion for been selected as one of our lucky winner new year 2012 award program the entire google corporation company express our full felicitation with you and your family. I'M glad to inform you that your winning details has been processes and verified by this office based on the winning data you have submitted. You are advice to keep your winning secret till you receive your funds this is to avoid anybody to steal your winning information's because if there is any call for double claim you may loose your chance of receiving the global amount. Thus all the legal documentations for the remittance of your prize has been processes successfully,hence your payment of .00) five hundred thousand great british pounds sterling worth (three crores fourteen lahks india rupees)has been approved to you for claims. A certified cheque has been issued in your name by the google corporation company (uk) and authorized by the british gaming board and to be delivery to you by our company diplomat john coleman. However, kindly be inform that you are to provide fee of your parcel stamp duty/Notarization task clearance fee of (rs ,900 inr), to our diplomat for remittance to the customs on your behalf before he can come to your state/City of residence to deliver your prize cheque to you. Due to the urgency needed in this delivery we are proud inform you that (diplomat john coleman),special chief delivery officer highly respected here united kingdom,will be leaving uk for india to delivery your winning cheque (parcel) through british airways. Important delivery information ---- parcel no:cpl/0976/008 service: international and overnight departure date/Time:- 2012 february wednesday (8 ) - uk time:11:50 pm arrival date/Time:- 2012 february thursday (9 ) - india time 9:30 am ---- please ensure that you co-operate with john coleman because he is a very respected citizen of the british and make sure you follow his instructions, provide every documents requested by him to receive your claim and directives to avoid any delay because he has little time to spend in india. Make available to him the clearing charges immediately he calls you at the international airport, because the indian customs authority will not release your winning parcel without the payment of rs ,900 inr for the clearing of your parcel at the custom department there in your country. So I want to inform you that your cheque has been sealed by the high insurance company of united kingdom and signed by the high court of london that no one should temper with the cheque and there is no way anyone can deduct any amount from this cheque so that is why you are to make the payment for the custom clearance fee at the international airport of arrival of the (diplomat john coleman)so I want to plead with you as a good citizen of your country that you just have to follow the instructions of the india government by making this payment so that as soon as your parcel is released to the diplomat at the airport then he will be taking a local flight to your city to meet with you at your given address. Contact of the diplomat in-charge of delivery of your parcel and send to him your full details / Scanned copy of either your driver's license or any form of legal identification for proof of ownership name of diplomat:john coleman contact email: john. @live.Co.Uk note: open the attachment file and find diplomat john coleman ID proof and scan of your winning parcel containing your winning cheque. All orders not delivered within three (3) working days from the arrival of your parcel will lead to return of your parcel to the promo organization as unclaimed package and your cash prize will be deemed to have been forfeited by you as stated by the google corporation award promo lottery team.

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I got the same mail. He just called me that he is from delhi with num 9538038470. He gave me pan no. Behpg9420a with sbi acc no 020050724231. I think he is from karnataka I noticed by tracing the number. I will give my full support to trace that culprits.

Chumki Das

Mare bhi mail ID main aysahi eek mail ayah hain kiya sahi hain ya nahi please mughe batayiya mera no. Hain 7407996092.Or agar sahi hain to main kaise mera cheque collect koru a bhi mughe please inform kigiya.


This are fraud never reply to this...

Rakesh Reddy

This is fraud there is no prize money we have to beat this people by tracking them bloody rascals


Hello sir I have received a mail from google mail on 14th jan 2013 claiming that my gmail has won 500000gbps money and also apple laptop.I guess its all fake n fraud...please the team of google take nesessary action towards this people


I've got the same email and I sent them my personal information. What should I do? please email me

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