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Malik Mohammad Salim on 10 May 2011
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Fraud gift voucher by Country Club India

I received a call from countryclub (gurgaon ) that your name have been shortlisted for a free gift voucher for 7 nights accomodation stay with any of their and affiliated resorts.They called me at least 20 times and compell me to visit sahara mall gurgaon to collect the voucher. On 011, I went there and collected the voucher with my name after almost 2 hours presentation of concept of countryclub membership benefits. They informed me that you will have to pay nominal administration fee from 4000 to 7000 depending on the location of the property. Since then I M trying to reedeem that voucher but I get the reply that enter correct voucher number/Voucher already used. Kindly take appropriate action against them and stop that fraud.

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Amit Gupta

I have also been the victim of same problem.Country club people from metropolitan mall saket delhi called me 10-15 times that my name has been selected in a draw and I have won a voucher for 6n/7d so please come to take it.At first I avoided them but after so many calls I went with my wife on sunday 6th october 2012 and after a 1 hour long presentation by mr.Daksh mr.Narender and mr. Amit sharma they asked me to pay rs 2 lacs as membership fee and also pay rs. 7500 as annual charges to be there member. I was taken aback as I was not ready I refused to take the membership and asked for the voucher . But they said it will be issued from hyderabad branch so it will be mailed at my e-mail ID .But till now I have not received any voucher.

Such people should really be punished for fooling people and wasting our time.Strict action is required so that such things do not happen again to someone else.



I got a call from eagle wings vacation jp nagar bangalore they said I've visited some listed shopping malls & based on the purchase made I've been shorlisted for a lucky draw. They called me a day prior and said itz a verification call and 20 winners will be picked. The next day they called saying u are a winner of worth rs 25000 and your name was announced in 24x7 news channel and asked me to collect the gift from j.P nagar.

I further checked on the details but they said its a direct surprise gift and no coupons promo or memberships involved just have to attend a 45 min of entertainment program and walkaway with the gift and also asked me to come along with family.

But when I went in person things were different. There were around 10-15 families waiting they asked to fill a gift claim form and later took inside a room and a rep started saying abt the package membership after 40 mins they gave the price details of 90k 1.5l 2.5l for membership for 5yrs 15yrs 20yrs.

Also they are forcing to take up a decision on the spot as it is a discounted offer and shud be done within the same day same time.

When refused they made faces and gave a gift pack which contained 6 glass bowls should be worth rs50

please be aware

Sumit Roy

They are realy cheaters...

in first occasion I didnt went

in 2nd occasion they started abusing

Muffazal Dhariwala

They are out to make fools of the common man.

I got a call from them with out knowing that it was for these holiday packages.When the sales officer called me I made my self very clear that I was not interested in any of the club mahinders thing they assured me it was just a lucky draw gift nothing else.Same thing on receiving the voucher it shows used.

Dharm Singh

I got a call from saket jst before half an hour a gal named sakshi asked to visit saket to get my two free gifts. I was busy so did not respond. To verify i checked it on net and found this thread. Any suggestions wat shud i do if they call me again? To teach them a lesson shud i do something??

Chandrashekar Reddy

Country Vacations Sales Team Manager Mr. Santosh and Mr. Vimal has given us promise of Rs. 20 000 (Twenty Thousand Rupees) worth of gold coin if we book two plots in Fairway Venture on Dec 01 2014. Trusted and We have paid Rs.2 50 000 on same day.

Since then we are following up with them and customer care every week. Until last week they said we are working on that. Now they are not at all responding. Since last 6 months we are moving here and there for the justice. But all are in vain.

They have taken our hard earned money and not at all returning even after 6 months. Please never trust these cheaters. Customer care dept is saying they are not responsible for the sales team promises even after submitting all the proofs. I have all the recordings of their conversation. Please do the justice.