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Manoj K R on 02 February 2012
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Irctc online reservation problems

I was trying to get tickets booked for first week of may 2012 since 01/02/2012 as the advance booking opens before 90 days. Today is the third day I am trying to get booked the tickets. I was surprised to see that when logged in at 7:55 a.M., The availability of tickets for train no.16333 for 2012 from adi-ktym for 2ac-10, 3ac-27, sl-228 and if we click on "book" button, the message displays "internet incoming day booking not allowed before 8 am". Even after 8.00 a.M. As per irctc time, the display still continues. I can't understand how this is possible. Is there anybody blocking the tickets? railway itself shows "internet incoming day booking not allowed before 8 am" and before 8 am the availability of tickets for train no.16333 for 2012 from adi-ktym is 2ac-10, 3ac-27, sl-228. There an average one 2ac coach, two 3ac coaches and ten sleeper coaches, which means 44 X 1, 64 X 2, 72 X 10 in normal long journey trains, then how the availability at 7.55 a.M. 10, 27, 228. Please clarify.

Pritesh Pathak

I am also confused. I am going to book for 17th may. It is showing only 65 seats!!!! it is just the first day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arunabh Sharma

$)(Opening day means 120 days in advance of the date of journey (journey date not to be included) from train originating station . Please note that in case of some intercity day trains the arp (advance reservation period) is less than 120 days. ) For tatkal booking opening day means one day in advance from date of departure of train from originating station. For e.G.-If train is to depart from originating station on 2nd august tatkal booking will commence at 10.00 am on 1st august (in case of e-tickets only).


Login *after* 8. There is a bug in the site (which has been there forever) which doesn't allow you to book if you login before 8 on the first day of booking.

A Jha

Internet reservation site not open even try whole day on 23.11.2012. It also happened in past lot of time.