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Mohit Raina on 10 May 2011
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Karnataka State Open University, Mysore is not providing degree

I was the student on ksou for M sc (it) and my study center is niit south new delhi. I have cleared all the exam of my M sc it by year 005. Couple of weeks I have applied for my degree certificate. Ksou is saying my marksheet are fake so they cann't provided me my degree. All these marksheet are provided to my niit study center and issued by ksou. I would request to take action against such university who are palying with people like this. My job is on stake due to this and I am the only member earning in my whole family.


The ssv college in rajahmundry collabration with ksou but the college did'nt paid the money to university they are cheating every one south side and north side also ssv college is displayed ksou web site but plz ask original mou issued by ksou before u paid the amount for study center plz don't pay amount directly to ssv college better for go DD ssv college in rajahmundry not paid the full amount to ksou they are paid only 2 laks only total 11 laks. So plz don't go for new study center through ssv college in rajahmundry.


Alert! alert! all ksou new study center partners

ssv college in rajahmundry they are cheating all the new study center partners plz ask original mou before going new study center

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