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Mukesh Shand on 17 January 2012
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Extra property tax by Pune municipal corporation

The pune municipal corporation has sent me the property tax bill of rs. 5/-. However, other flats on the same floor of exactly the same size have received the property tax bill of rs. 1/-. This means that I have to pay rs. 04/- As compared to my neighbours. Also my tax bill for next year I.E. Fy12-13, as I see on pmc website, is 50/- Whereas for my neighbours, it is rs. 0/-. The pmc official DID not have any clear answer why my tax bill is so much inflated. Definitely its an error on their part, but I am forced to pay the extra amount. Thanks to look into this incident. Ps: I can provide any other information required (like the property number etc) as and when asked. Regards, mukesh shand.

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Hello all

I am also facing same issue (getting 40% exra bill). I have given application for application for 40% rebate 3-4 times. After every 6-9 months the tax inspector of each ward get transferred. The new inspector will ask you to resubmit the application as he doesn't find time to go through old applications. For submitting application you need no-due certificate from pmc. It means you have to pay tax of current year. After giving application you have to keep visiting pmc office. Each time you will get answer that there are lot of pending applications and we will call you. But you never get call. The only option I believe is bribing the tax inspector to consider your application of rebate.

By the way my application is still pending (since last 2 years).

Please let me know if someone gets cleared his 40% rebate application.


Hi all

I am also facing the same problem. Apply for getting 40% rebate in 2000 got cleared in 2003 after that there was some audit in 2010 & found that those flats are not on the owner name should not get the 40% rebate & charged me more tax from year 2000 & send in this current bill. Pl. Help is somebody have the solution on this.


Finally got the arv revised (40% rebate) after lots of visits to pmc.

The tax bill still needs to be revised.


I have submitted application for 40% rebate. Do I need to follow up or need to wait for next tax bill?


On my side I (actually my wife) had followed up with the pmc official rigorously. Visited pmc at least 10 times in last 2 months else it would not have been done.

Nilesh K

Hi All

Finally I property got corrected. You will need folloup but it will get done. If the clerk how is responsible for your area is sincere enough then he will definitely help you.

PMC person visited my place for inspection and I had been to PMC ( 4 times) including hearing.

All the Best.