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Anil Prasad Bansal on 15 January 2012
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Unable to call toll free numbers from Airtel mobile or landline

Hi, I am unable to call toll free numbers from my airtel mobile or landline. I was able to call the numbers in the past but recently I found that I am not able to dial the toll free numbers. Inspite of repeated complaints and assurances that my problem will be resolved. It has not been resolved and I am suffering a lot due to this. I am a consultant and I need to join international meetings using these toll free numbers which I am not able to due to this problem. Can you please help me with this. Thanks, anil


I too am facing this issue. Am not able to dial 1800... numbers from my airtel prepaid mobile.


Just confirmed from their customer care no. They say that as per trai rules its not allowed to call toll free nos. I dont get it why is it that only airtel is being so obedient??


I am facing the same problem as anil

Jatin N

The customer support is very cheap. The fool people nd they laugh .they were talking from behind nd I was able to listen in d the phone. So poor service between to stop using airtel

U all stopped using airtel