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Gurmeet Singh on 10 January 2012
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Insult & harassment by sales team hyundi dealer

To, head of s.A.S hyundai .. regarding persnol family insult time & mental harassment from mrs. Chancal ( sales manager ) 29th december I bought a hyundai accent car through s.A.S hyundai, station road branch, lucknow hyundai show room. At the time of booking I paid 1.64 ( one lac sixty four thousand ), rest by h.D.F.C bank which financed the car. The sales person mrs.Chanchal that your car will provided for delivery by 6 p.M evening. She told me to call me by then to pick the car, and I got the call by 5:50 p.M to come do all the formality and take your car. ( As accent car was my dream car from years back as my 1st and persnol new car ) I reached the show room to pick the car with my family, my mom 70 years, wife 30 years and son 4 years.. the car didnt reach by 6 p.M it reached by 8:30 p.M , I asked mrs. Chanchal for this in the mean time why it is getting so late, she told me sir in 5 mins it will reach, as because of the servicing before delivery is going on, again again the same thing told me in diffrent ways by her for atleat 2;15 mins , by then my family was sitting there and waiting for the car, they DID'nt ask by someone for a simple glass of water, as my son was feeling thirsty I asked for water, by 8:15 p.M I lost my patinence I asked her what the hell is going on to her, by then sh shouted like a shit at me and told me wait..the horrible nature by a sales person I cannot belive that I am purchasing a car or stealing at of rs. 5.5 lacs.. is this the way a coustmer treated by s.A.S sales team of hyundai.. as today 6-01-12 I went to pick my papers of car they told me to come by next tuesday 10-01-12 , as they given me to collect the papers by 03-01-12..and they also not provided the full car accesiers also..I also called the coustmer care 459) many times but message comes that the person is busy ( fareena kidwai ,) and will contact tomorrow..then I called coystmer care india ( 645) but the person neemul cannot update my complaint becaue of system is not updated..should this is the way hyundai treats there coustmer.. this the top company of cars has there emplyees like mrs. Chanchal..then I am very sorry for s.A.S hyundai, is not going through the employes profile, as how mean and non-polised they are for company.. I am sorry to say this but I feel "cheated" and am really frustrated as I am not getting any of my problems resolved. The s.A.S hyundai lucknow team is either not capable to solve my problem or he does not want to solve it. In both the situations my time and money is wasted. I think that lady should be sued from the company at onece, or should me given a hard warning by company to change the bad behavior this is a humble request from my end that please get my issue resolved asap. I have waited long enough and now I am loosing patience. I told " I am a customer, this not my mistake, only by your ' person ' do something and clear the fault. This your duty. Sue, this type of sales team which is damaging the name of a great and standard company hyundai.. I disappointed with this activities as I am not getting the right answer or any solutions. Regds.. gurmeet-singh 26/C singar nagar, lucknow- 4838

Ashish Sharma

Mr. G.Singh it is a matter of high consern as that lady as wasted your time and mentally distrubed you..

I think the matter should go in the honrable court and company should pay full concern to move out the sales lady with immediatly..ashish sharma bajaj finance mumbai: +919769076064

Chaudhary Arun Vir Singh

Gurmeet praji I've worked in sales team of sas hyundai for a week or so before I left the agency for better career prospects.Chanchal at that time used to be a sales executive actually the fact is every staff member right frm sales manager to executives booking personnels insurance finance people are not the staff members of hyundai incorporation.They are the workers of the agency I.E sas hyundai the company has nothing to do with them they don't even get their salaries frm hyundai they aren't employed by the company.The company is not liable to take any short of action against these people action if any will be taken against them by the owner of the agency I.E sunil kalra I think u meet him in personal and convey the regrets of your's he's a good man I'M sure he'LL definitely be looking upon the matter of your's.Moreover hyundai's office is in lucknow itself somewhere near sas hyundai on station road in the same building where religare has its office you go there if agency's owner tries to be deliberate on mrs.Chanchal or any of whom guilty for harassing you.