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Vinod Kumar Pande on 07 January 2012
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Dom surcharge tips deduction from SBI

I paid to M/S hotelcomfert suorabh inn haldwni ditt nainital and M/S teja singh petrol pump on 6/12/11 and 7/12/11.Domsand /11. Surcharge/Tips got deducted from my account on 9/12/11and 10/12/11.@Rs 25/- And rs1000/-.I cant understand the term dom surcharge/Tips.

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Akshay S Agarwal

Same here I paid petrol of rs. 200 and got debited rs. 10... and rs. 24 for 998 petrol... ridiculous


Yes I agree we should know when and howmuch will be charged @ dom so that we can balance where we have to use cash or where we should use card...why give single paney if we can just save by paying cash.

This seems cheating...

someone @ bank should explain this and should informaed somewhere with all the detailed information..

why not go the consumer court ? for the same..


I ahd written one email to sbi for the same..let's see if get any good answer....


What this dom charge dom charges rs 25 deducted from my account on every purchase. Why the bank is eating peoples' money.. ? pls with drow your charges dom all bank are free of charge purchase any item but your bank is charge every one this is a loot so pls remove your charges

raju upparpally

Abhishek G


At last i got the clarification its not the SBI's mistake but the petrol pump's mistake where you use your SBI debit card for filling fuel. The petrol pump charges 2.8% of the fuel amount only on debit cards which is profitable to the petrol pumps due to which the do not provide you with this information. The SBI staff advised not to use SBI debit cards at petrol pump but to use cash or sbi credit card which will save you DOM charges.

Vaishnav GovindDasI

dear sir

pls advice that i havea also dr. of rs. 11.24 in my account last transaction DEBIT

DOM surchrg/tips dt.091014 100900016263 as this type of .... what is this ????????/

can i refund this amount from sbi ?????????