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Puneet Bansal on 30 December 2011
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Commission not paid to Sbi life agent

I have been associated with sbi life since 3 years and the journey started when mr. Jagmeet randhawa (um at the time in panchkula branch) approached me with a proposal of agency. He told me that he will give me a code and I have to put business in that code and I will get commission in my account. I was not informed anything about any licence or validity of that agency nothing.. I was very new to this line so was not aware about these facts. He never gave me any document whatsoever from company's side. I was titled as "panchkula ka ubharta sitara" in the very 1st month of joining. I was always told about the gifts to be won on target achievement but never received any prize despite achieving many targets. Some of the prizes I won were silver coin, amritsar trip, many more which I never received and was always told by the um and branch people that I will receive that in 2-3 months time but as a news I came to know after some time that mr randhawa left the job and he had received all gifts on my behalf so I got nothing. Now recently mr. Ram villas bansal informed me that my code has expired and I have to submit a DD of rs. 00/- To renew it. First of all when nobody will tell me that my code has a validity how will I renew it in time. I submitted a renewal premium of rs. 00/- Of one of my customer, mr ram vilas (senior agency manager) told me that when my agency code will be renewed all of my pending commissions will be credited in my account. But today mr. Puran chand told me that I won't get any commission for that renewal. Please tell me where is my fault why should I suffer and why should I continue working for such a big name with so much problems snorkeling inside. I don't understand a senior agency manager don't know company policies or I have been misguided. On instructions of mr ram villas bansal I got the DD made and sent to panchkula branch. Now just imagine I deposited the renewal premium and rather than paying me commission for that the company took additional 1000 buks from me. I don't think its fair on company's part. It is to intimate the regulatory authority that I was given an assurance from the branch manager of panchkula branch that my code will be reactivated and I will get the commission which was not credited to my account due to deactivation of my agent code. But I regret to say this that all promises are seeming like fake and false as even after 3 months there is no clue about my code and no credit of that commission. I have told mr. Sourabh mishra (bm) time and again that I am having a premium renewal cheque of one of my client which I need to deposit but he asked me to wait as my code was not activated. I do not understand why the client of the bank should suffer and wait for his renewal and who will be responsible for his lapsed policy. I am highly dissatisfied with this kind of casual approach of a person sitting at such a responsible seat. I request you to kindly take some strict action and help me in getting my commissions from the company. I have deposited the renewal cheque of my client today and my total due towards company would be rs. 0/-.