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Rahul Kumar on 21 December 2011
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Huge electricity bill given by Himanchal electricity board

I rahul kumar, is a resident of jullar village, po shahpur teh sushahpur distt kangra-176206. I am a central gov. Employee living on rent since 010, I am single, having two room set. Usually I am getting the bill of rs400/ Two months. But now I have been receiving bills for the past two months in excess of rs8793, which seems to be extremely high for my level of usage. My household uses are very less and not me several peoples of this village received this kind of excess bills, some of them are very poor. I went to the electricity board, they replied that" sir the peoples we have appointed earlier are on contractual bases and they are giving the lump-sum reading every month, but now we read your meter from electronic machine (my previous uses is 650 unit in september and in december the units are 50). Is this possible? and what is our fault?I request you to please check my letter and do the necessary actions regarding this.

Praveen Thakur

I am also having the same problem regaarding the elect. Bill the people working on the contractual basic r not having proper knowledge about the work as well as they does not seems to be very serious about their work. Alll in all they are giving bills according to the units consumed. Need to check it out.