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Puneet Agrawal on 19 December 2011
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Airlines ticket agent of Fly mantra

Dear sir , I received a promotional message on my mobile from flymantra that incase I booked a return air ticket ( domestic ) with them I would get a reebok wrist watch worth rs. 2499 absolutely free. I called up mr. Gaurav uppal of fly mantra on 1766 & inquired about the same to which he confirmed. I then booked a domestic return air ticket from patna to new delhi & return. After a couple of days mr. Gaurav uppal came near to my residence & handed me the tickets but not the watch to which he said that I would be getting the watch the next day.I also paid him the amount of the tickets. It has been more than 15 days I have not yet received the watch. I have called him up several times and he always has some excuse or the other. Now he is not even answering my calls. Kindly intervene. Thanks puneet agrawal u-221 ,street no.6 , opp. Shipra hotel shakarpur, delhi - 092. Ph : 635.


I had to book tickets del-sin-del spoke to a woman and she promised to book my tikts. I waited the next day and called back as no response from the agents they say we have no booking. They admitted mistake and said would book now.

Second time rahul promised to book my tikts and confirms that he will send me copy of tickets via email. I waited for 4 hours and thn started calling them up. I was not surprised when they nevr answered my call. Wrote a couple of emails reminding thm abt my booking..

finally I gave up and booked my flights online thru mkmytrip.

They still nevr called.

Pathetic service.

Irresponsible staff. Never ans calls.

Pls dnt trust these ppl.