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Bijoy Verghese on 09 May 2011
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Dna newspaper annual subscription

Hi, I am working with cognizant technologies and we had a corporate offer where dna newspaper was giving a subcribtion offer for 1 year for rs250.(My receipt no is cc07491001) we were suppose to get 12 coupons for 12 months which has to be given to the newspaper agency at the month end for suppling dna newspaper. It is almost 2 months I have taken the subscibtion and till now I have not received any coupens neither newspaper supply. I followed up several time, they just kept telling that the coupons are on the way. Nowdays they dont even answere the call. And most of their number is not in use. Please need your help on this issue.

Pankaj R Sharma

I am also facing same problem. I paid the amount in cash and they promised that I will get coupons but I havent got any and they stopped the papers also and are saying that 1 year is over. But I paid the amount for 2 years and that too in february 2011.


I am also facing same problem.


I want daily newspaper at home yearly shceme.


I want daily newspaper at home in ulhasnagar-4 district thane yearly shceme give me details plese.

B. Gopal Reddy

I am staying at ulhasnagar -4 I had given a cheque for rs. 299/- To dna for yearly subscription. But even after a lapse of three months I did not receive the coupons nor an acknowledgment. Dna should be losing credency by these doings.