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Sunil Singh on 18 November 2011
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To change nokia c5-03, touch screen problem

Dear sir/Ma'M greetings!!! mobile : nokia c5-03, touch screen proble. I have bought new nokia C%-03 on 21st may 2011 from sushil telecom, from rohini sector 3. But after using for a few days it has started hangup even some times the touch was not working. But I thought it is not a major issue. So I continue using it. Despite of every time I have to remove battary and start it. But after few days for using, the touch screen has totally stoped working. I have contacted sushil telecom and told that there is problem in this instrument as only one and a half month have passed please replace this one. But he DID not agree and told me to contact nokia care for this. I have given my mobile to nokia care, m2k mall, rohini. They have kept all most for 20 to 25 days and have given me back. But after some time for using again the problem started, thouch was not working... I was totally lost.. what to do now.. then I have given this mobile to nokia care, gole market, delhi. They have even made me struggle.. by committing for a week time they have taken almost more than a month. I have submitted on 15th october & they have given back to me on 17th november. Even I have requested them to provide me a stand by moblile but even they not done so.. mean while I have met mr. Hemant gulati of nokia care, golemarket. And I have told him that there is some technical problem & touch is not working. This is the problem which is reapeating again. So he committed me to replace the instrument if this problem persists again after reapairing. Thouhg now again after 2 days of getting it repair the touch as stopped working. Now I dont know what to do. The touch is not working again. Pleae help me to get it replace this instrument. Regards, sunil singhn 3553 delhi

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Amit Mishra

I have totally fed up with my nokia c5-03 phone as touch screen is not working properly. When I operate my phone then either it opens wrong icons or doesn't respond completely. Please let me know what is the solution for this problem.

I could never expect this from nokia product.


Okia c5-03 phone as touch screen is not working cheng power IC


I too facing the same problem in nokia c5 -03 its worst phone .

Prakash Singh ( Dhn )

I am facing same issue with my c5-03 phone

Jermain Jonas

I got the same problem few months after buying it but someone told me its due to moisture..so I placed it in a sack of rice for hours and the problem was gone! you should all try it.

Amit Mishra

@Jermain: do we need to switch off the phone before placing or we can keep in running mode ?