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Shilpi Sharma on 16 November 2011
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Your mail-ID has been awarded gbp 1000,000.00 from Coca cola

I have received the e-mail from @38.LV . They said I have won the 0.00 gbp. I have received the below e-mail:- this is to inform you that you have won a prize money of 1,000,000.00gbp (one million great british pounds) for the yearly lottery promotion which is organized by cocacola bottling company, your email was selected by the microsoft corporation which always supplied this company with fifty thousand email addresses of active internet users yearly, and your email address was submitted as one of the active internet users for the year 011. After email address are been submitted to us for the random selection by microsoft corporation, we only select five people as our winners, through electronic balloting system without the winner applying. Contact : name:dr.Tony scottt el: 3081 email: @38.LV @38.LV they tolled me to deposit the 5000 rupees to the mr.Ajay sukla's sbi accout number- 5305 dated on 011, after that we will transfer the winning amount in your bank and then they tolled me again to deposit the 5000 rupees to mr.Shashi kanta's sbi account number 4148 dated on 2011 they said this is a transfer charges to rbi your sbi bank. And then they tolled me to deposit the .999 rupees to mr.Kumar sinha account number 2786 dated on 2011 regarding for currency exchange. I said I don't have that much amount with me right now so can I pay you the 50% of the above amount ( ,999 rupees) they said yes balance you will pay after the transfer of the winning amount, I had deposit the 5000 to above account (mr.Kumar sinha). They show me that the winning amount is transfer to your rbi account , I said ok I have seen now when you will transfer tis amount to my sbi bank account, they said first you have to deposit the balance 5000 rupees, I said ok I will pay you they give me the account number 6852 to mr.Narendro das dated on 011. I said pls transfer my winning amount to my bank and why you have give the different -2 account number, she said ( ms.Pooja singh) these are the rbi employ's so don't worried. Next day morning I said have you transfer the winning amount to my bank , they said no. Why? they tolled me to deposit the approval fee of rupees 913. I said I don't have that much amount in my bank and I have already take the loan to my colleges and my relative and now no one can give the loan or if you want that amount then deduct that amount to my winning amount, they said no you have to deposit that amount first then we will transfer that winning amount to your bank. I said I don't have that much amount, so you will return my all deposit amount I.E ,000 to my bank I don't want that winning amount. They said ok you just send the e-mail I want my all deposit money back. Now I called up and they will not pick up my phone. So tell what should I do, I have to return to amount to my colleges and my relative. I got the passport scan copy of the person mr david mark, his phone number is 2628 and the lady she called me from rbi bank number is 6779 her name is ms.Pooja singh.

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Dear sir/Madam

I am getting calls from mr.Diplomat harry morris saying that I won the amount rs 8 crore & brand new laptop parcel is in the delhi custom office so I want to pay 17500rs than he will give that parcel & from this number he is contacting sms sent number is 8447363556 & calling from 8447363556. Kindly take neccesary action on this issue..I am really very disapointed to see all the mails from grahakseva poor people how can manage & how will know this type of fraud people will be there?

José Domingos Gonçalves

Recibi um sms dizendo que acabo de ganhar 1.000.000 o meu nº de celular foi sirteada 923758914 quero saber como faço para receber

Ms Singh

Hi sbi customer care

even I was called from those fruaud sbi guys why don't you investigate the sbi a/C holder and put him in lock up.



you are to make the payment for the delivery of your parcel via state bank of india to the name and address of our account officer stated below.

1.Account name : mr norendro das

2.Name of bank : state bank of india {s.B.I}

3.Account number : 31998496852

you are to make a payment of £330.00 pounds in india rupees 25 000.00 inr to our account officer information above. Kindly locate a western union agent and make the payment to his name and send us the payment details as stated above.

We are glad to be of service to you.

Dispatch officer: paul anderson.

Tel: 00447017039865

Narayan Singh Rawat

My mobile no is 9971452562.I have got a message you have won 1 000 000.00gbp plz give me some information

email ID ya message in my no.

Bablu Kumar Badal

My mobile no is 7837403883.I have got a message you have won 5 000 000.00gbp plz give me some information

email ID ya message in my no

Virendra Kumar Gupta

My mobile no. Is 09319179477 address q no.15 vikash khand colony dhanipur aligarh age 14.06.70; 42 year sex male. I have got the message 1 000 000.00gbp from cocacola company uk 02.10.12. Please inform e mail ID

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