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Priyesh Ajay Shah on 06 November 2018
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Shoes Big boss

TO 06/11/2018



I have purchased a shoe from Virar (w)branch of BIGBOSS shoe next to vithal mandir on 04th November 2018 sunday MRP was Rs799/- got a discount of 30% on it so was of aound RS560/-. On very next day soul of it was Toor of it I request shop owner that yesterday evening by 6pm i have collected a shoe from of your shop because of diwali festival.. The Guy told to keep the shoe and will do gum paste perfectly and return by day end .when i reached at shop at 9.30pm that guy has went for the day and the person who was their saying if anything purchase in sale no gurantee on it and plus the Shoe they done a Handjob of sweing onit and it toolk typical seconf hand shoe..

Pure waste of money.Will makesure non of my friend shall purchase shoe from that particular Brand name...

The biggest thing he spoil my diwali festival and will never forget of it.


Priyesh Shah

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