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Nehal Polymers on 05 November 2018
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dont recive my porduct which i have sell

I am doing buisness with snapdeal india. I have sell the product to the customer but product get return to me. Then i have open the parcel which is completly seal pack i see that there are many watches inside it which actully i dont sell. While opening i make video link is below. Then i raise a complain in Snapdeal case id 759. After that i have revice a call from snapdeal executive that sorry we are not able to solve your problem he said that your parcel is seal pack then how is possible to change the product. But i have two proof first the link and the second is the series of snapdeal bag which i have purchase. I have purchase the bag having starting series P3020156900-P3020157000 but i recive the parcel in series P02021056962. I have already say to sanpdeal executivr that anyone can purchase bag then change and seal. But they are saying that we are working on trust and our courier partner also more trustable.


Sir pls solve my problem. From my point of view i can afford some loss but i get cheat this is wrong

Nehal Polymers


Snapdeal Help

Dear Seller

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please share your seller ID/ticket ID so that we can get this checked on priority.


Team Snapdeal

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