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Biju Janardhanan on 03 November 2018
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Concern regarding my travel in Spice jet


Since you have asked for the review I thought of sharing my experience about the ticket I have booked through Make my trip except our travel from Jaipur to Delhi on 20th October 2018 in SpiceJet SG-8637 which has ETD of 10.20Hrs with a PNR DEV33U as you know we had 8 passengers who was supposed to travel in this flight.

We have reached the airport 9.15Hrs and after screening the checking baggage we reached the check in counter by 9.20Hrs itself. with a total surprise we heard from the SpiceJet staffs that we are late and denied issuing boarding pass to us. With great amount of effort and some external pressure through a known person they agreed to accept 7 passenger and issued boarding pass for us except Mr. Dinesh Balakrishnan they offered ticket in their evening flight to Delhi. But to some connected travel we denied it and they said they will reimburse to the same account the ticket got booked.

Early denial of all the 8 passengers and later issuing 7 boarding passes itself is ambiguous. And the flight was full board and it clearly shows that they have issued tickets more than the capacity. And the funniest part is all the checked in passengers when reached for boarding there was now hurry since the flight to Jaisalmer SG-2981 (ETD .35) which was departing before the Delhi flight also not started the boarding

We deep distress we expect our displeasure with this travel and the hardships and waste of time during a family tourist travel had shattered the trip and Mr. Dinesh Balakrishnan was forced to travel in Jet Air 9W162 at 16.00Hrs to Delhi with a higher fare and all the flights (Indigo at 0.40 Air India at .30) before that time to Delhi from Jaipur was full

We just would like to treat this as a complaint from our side and would like to know how we can get the compensation for this ill-treatment from the airline SpiceJet. Anyway we have decided to move forward with consumer court for the same after getting a reply from you.

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