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Priyamvada Saxena on 31 October 2018
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Idea cheating on me by not adjusting deposit

Idea not adjusting the security deposit of 1000 rs which i gave during activation of ISD call and also i have receipt of the agency who take money being of idea as a security deposit . I have submitted 1000 rs as a security deposit and idea executive told me that they will return money when I deactivate the service. On 28th Sept I went to hinjewadi idea office they told they can't return my money back I paid that in other office( it doesn't matter I think because I paid deposit in idea) and I asked them to change my circle they told me that I will do in Hyderabad. After coming here I call one executive and he told they can't return the amount and they will adjust in my bill. From past 1 month I called idea many time and always I used to get different response. On 24th ict I raised a request for bill adjustment with help of one executive but it got rejected as my bill is 1024rs. I got response due to lack of deposit they are not able to adjust. I paid 24rs and again raised the request but still I got the same response that due to lack of deposit my bill not adjust. WORST Customer service of idea . How irresponsible idea executive is ? Neither they give resolution nor they have time to reply properly. Idea is cheating customer by taking security deposit and not return even not responding from a month..Worst customer service idea is.They just revert the pre formatted mail. Over 1 month no one responding with a resolution why? Where all senior executive go ? No one in idea who track all those thing or they earn money by cheating customer . And send bill every month with add of late payment why ? Idea is not responding then why should i bear the cost of late payment . I wont pay a single unwanted late payment

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

We regret for the inconvenience caused. We request you to provide us your Idea contact number for which the issue persist along with the complete address of Idea store where you've visited and customer care executive name and the number to assist you further.



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